The definitive frame that actually fits Star Wars ACME Character keys?

Jan 8, 2019
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So the point of this topic is to ask an age old question but in a modern setting: What frame actually fits Star Wars ACME character keys? Doesn't matter if it's a float frame or otherwise.

I have a couple Clone Wars ones I was lucky to happen across but I've been struggling to find something at Michaels, Walgreens, and Dollar Tree. I'm going to try Joanns and another Walgreens soon (Their online websites aren't very helpful), but I'd really like to know if any collectors here (1) Have framed character keys, and (2) know the exact frame they purchased and can refer to it (Either by link or product name/manufacturer number). Something like "The 5x7 frame from dollar tree" isn't helpful. I got the only frame I could find in that description and it was somehow too large for my 6"x 8" character key, so I'm hunting for very specific information.

This is a question that's had a variety of answers in the past (I've read all past topics on this forum on the matter), but not only are most of the answers outdated and vague, the ones that actually provide specific links or SKU/product numbers are long out-dated or discontinued items.

Thanks for your time.
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