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Sep 7, 2010
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Jersey Shore, USA
Hasbro has surprising revealed a massive amount of collectibles to prepare fans for the upcoming second series of the hit live-action Star Wars to show The Mandalorian. One of the biggest announcements was the return of some of The Black Series figures but in new packaging called the Credit Collection. There are five figures in total who have been revealed, and they will feature new card backs for their 6" figures as well as a collectible Imperial Credit. It looks like each of the figures will feature a new deco as well, from brighter colors such as The Mandalorian will now have blue aspects in his suit. This gives him some animated Boba Fett vibes and will be a beloved figure in fan collections. It is unclear at this time, but it looks like some of these figures will be retailer exclusives, which will make it quite hard to finish the set. Thankfully Hasbro has included links in their press release; while these could just be plugs for retailers, they could be exclusive links. Pre-orders are set to go live starting at 4 PM EST but stay alert until then as the many exclusives love to go live before their actual release.

  • The Mandalorian – $24.99 – Pre-orders can be found here. (Unclear Exclusive)
  • Heavy Assault Mandalorian – $34.99 – Exclusive to Best Buy and found here.
  • Cara Dune – $24.99 – Exclusive to Target and can be found here.
  • IG-11 – $24.99 – Exclusive to GameStop and links can be located here.
  • Imperial Death Trooper – $24.99 – Pre-orders located here (Unclear Exclusive)
All of these Star Wars: The Black Series The Mandalorian Credit Collection figures from Hasbro are set to release in Fall 2020. Even though these figures have been released before their deco, packaging, and Imperial Credits are all new and very well done. Each figure's style is shown in their card back and will look amigo in ant Star Wars fans collection. As mentioned previously, pre-orders are not expected to go live until September 22, 2020, at 4 PM EST. Links can be found above as well as below in each of the figure's official descriptions from Hasbro.

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