The Black Series 6" - General Discussion Thread

Apr 24, 2019
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Mandalorian will be shipping in solid cases in Feb/March.
Yeah, I've seen the listing at BBTS, I just can't wait that long!
Well, if it makes you feel better: if Mando were included in this new wave, I don't think you would see him until Feb or March anyway.

It's interesting that they are releasing Dooku with Bly and three TROS figures, as opposed to having him go out with the five AOTC/Geonosis figures of the following wave. I wonder if they think he will be a big seller, and want to have a chance to re-pack if he takes off. (Though I say that and realize that production time likely means they can't decide to make more of him in time for the next wave, which should only be two months later.) Anyway, as Obi-wan says: curious.
Jun 12, 2014
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The wave 25 case breakdown is

Aotc Battle Droid x2
Aotc Anakin x2
Plo Kloon x2
Kit Fisto x1
Aotc Kenobi x1

I think they should have single packed Anakin and Plo and replaced with Dooku and Jar Jar.

Then Wave 24 could have been;
Bly x2
Sith Jet x2
Mando x2
Knight of Ren x1
Zori Bliss x1

Why they would have double packed Zori and not included a Mando, full case packs or otherwise, is just ridiculous.
Apr 4, 2018
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Black Series Wave 24 breakdown:

  • 1 x Count Dooku
  • 1 x Knight of Ren
  • 2 x Zorii Bliss
  • 1 x Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)
  • 1 x Clone Commander Bly (#104)
  • 2 x Sith Jet Trooper (#106)
Why oh why does Luke Yavin need to be repacked. Would rather of had 2 Commander Blys.
What is the expected release for this wave?
Oct 8, 2019
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Is it just me or anyone else having the feeling that Hasbro started hyperproduction of 6" figures with more attention to "deluxe" versions and new found attention to foreign market too?

They used 3 different European conventions to announce new figures, which was previously done only on sdcc, nycc or other US cons. And every time they did that they announced two figures, so like 6 figures in a month?

So they announced a lot of prequel figures (Plo, Kit, Obi, Droid) and like only two original trilogy figures (Yoghurt, Yavin Luke) The Mandalorian merch (Mando, Cara, IG-11, Infantry... and carbonized versions) the Expanded Universe (Jedi Raven, Clones) and the Rise of Skywalker figures are comming in too...

I started collecting this when the line started and I get the feeling they are increasing their waves and lines exponentially. Of course they have the old movies and series and games, but when was the last time you got 4 figures from a TV show that just started?

They are currently pumping out at the same time:
- Original trilogy
- Prequel trilogy
- Sequel trilogy
- Expanded Universe (games, comics, variants)
- TV series Mando
- Archive
- HYPER REAL (almost 6")

I mean R2 was in the first wave ever and it took them 3 years to make C3PO (silver leg exclusive)... and we're talking about R2 & C3PO. Now you get almost every main character from Mando announced at once. Well except for Beskar Armor Mando and Baby Yoda.

And they started pumping Deluxe figures: Heavy Infantry Mando, Palpatine with throne, Chewie with C3PO twopack. I wouldn't be surprised if they threw Beskar Mandalorian with Baby Yoda. Or maybe standalone Baby but with multiple sculpts (sleeping, eating, force using, eating soup) since he's so small for a headswap.

And isn't this what we wanted? More figures, more accessories, more variants? And with these holiday black friday and cyber monday sales, you could practically get some of those figures for $4 - $15. They had Dewback and other expensier ones on 50% discount too.

The youtube channel like WordClassBullsh***ers produce some podcasts where they analyze financial status of DIsney and Hasbro and the present the conclusion that "no one's buying anything, especially toys, everyone is losing profit"... but I don't know a person who wont buy Baby Yoda now.

But I also get the impression they gonna fail with the new releases after all these good recent announcements and releases. The movie is gonna end the Sequel Trilogy. The Mandalorian show is gonna end soon. They released every main character in 6" line... somethings telling me they gonna mess up the 2020 with figures.

They are going to make something stupid for the Empire Strikes Back 40th anniversary on May 17th, 2020. We got the good Chewie&C3PO twopack and now it's time for the money grabbin' stupid move: eg. they gonna re-release Han sculpt with removed jacket for the Carbon scene and make it an exclusive with no accessories and maybe throw the already existing Bespin Leia with him... maybe even make a twopack like Hoth Han & Leia that had them in the wrong clothes for that scene, just this time it's Bespin Gown Leia with Carbon Chamber Han. Some stupid coorporate decision like that.

The Probe droid, the leaked box artwork from the artist's instagram almost confirms this as a Deluxe. This gonna fail. Too big next to the human figures, too tall to display it while hoovering.

But on the positive side, they have a chance of releasing Lobot, Ughnauts and Bespin Cop for the ESB event. Maybe even snowspeeder.

My two cents
Oct 8, 2019
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Ok a little addition to my previous post

On wave sizes here is a nice visual guide, they doubled the waves:

And upcoming figures (original trilogy only):

NYCC 2019 announced:
- ROTJ Luke Jedi Knight
- ROTJ Yoda Force Spirit
- ESB Chewie and C3PO twopack
- ANH Luke Yavin (regular and strikes exclusive)
- ESB Wedge

Celebration & SDCC 2019 announced:
- ESB Luke Dagobah training

And I am convinced they mentioned somewhere on some panel about Rebel Endor soldier?

So to me since I'm collecting only OT, they basically have these "supporting" characters left:
- 4 Uncle Owen
- 4 Aunt Beru
- 4 Ponda Babbo
- 4 Evazan
- 4 Cantina Band
- 5 Lobot
- 5 Bespin Cop
- 5 Bespin Luke with fatigue
- 6 Bib Fortuna
- 6 Ackbar
- 6 Mon Mothma
- 6 Rebel Endor Scout
- 6 Ewoks (Wicket)
- 6 Max Reebo band

After which they will enter the 'Willrow Hood' character tier list.
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