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Hey, I'm new here in the forums. Nice topics guys, it's really fun to read what people think.
Ok, after Hthe Hasbro Battle, mine!! I'll do a little post me too. Here it is:
-The best 5 POTF2 figures. I know, it'd be hard to answer!!!
-The best POTJ figure. Since the line is new, there's not a lot of characters so who is the one? Here is my chart:

POTF2 Line:
1-yep, removable helmet Vader. Since I'm a kid I wanted a Vader without his mask. I love it, more than ANY other Vader's...
2-Zuckuss. I always liked this character. And I really think the POTF version is a powerfull figure, with the paint details and the great sculpt of his mask. I know, he can hardly hold his gun, bah...
3-I hear you saying "uh?". But Nikto, from the cinema scene. After watching him carefully in ROTJ, wow, this fig is truly a masterpiece. The paint job and his face sculpt are really nice.
4-Leia as Jabba's prisonner. Admit it, this fig is phat. Everithing is cool, her sclupt, her height, her pose is also cool. Maybe the chain is a little cheesy, but this one is a great one.
5-Tie Fighter Pilot. Man, this guy was made 6 years ago!! Wow, look at it!! Damn nice figure. His mask sculpt is amazing. Another one I love.

POTJ best figure:
Mmmm, very hard to say. Lando? Fett300th? Tusken Raider? My choice is on Tessek. Yep, this character needed a figure since POTF2. great choice from Hasbro. But I think there's a lot of great figures in this line so the choice might be disscused.

By the way, sorry for my bad english, french is my primary language so... ;-)



My favourite POTF2, in no particular order, are:

Bespin Luke
Commtech Vader
Commtech Solo
C-3PO (w/ removable limbs)
Special mention has to go to Motti and Bossk.

As for POTJ...

Plo Koon! The baddest Jedi Master in the universe. Definitely going to kick some ass in the next movie!


Oh yeah C-3PO removable limbs, also a great figure. I forgot him ;-)
Motti was a cool choice from Hasbro too.


1. Gammorrean Guard
2. Cantina Han Solo 1995
3. 8D8
4. Commtech Darth Vader
5. Tie Fighter Pilot

1. Masters Of The Dark Side Darth Vader
2. 300th Boba Fett
3. IG-88


Oct 31, 2000
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My favorite POTF2(in no particular preference):

1. RH Vader-Do I need to explain why he's badass?
2. Admiral Motti-Great sculpt and a figure of someone who's brave enough to stand up to Vader deserves to be in a best of the best list.
3. Wuher-Excellent sculpt. Looks exactly like the guy. The sculpted cup bothers some but not me at all.
4. CommTech Stormtrooper-Looks like he walked right out of the Trilogy.
5. Slave Leia-Next to Bespin Escape Leia, she's the best Leia ever.

Best POTJ? Hmm, so many sweet figures in this line. If I HAD to pick, I'd say either Dago Vader, Fett 300, BC Han, Aurra Sing, or Cold Weather Obi-Wan. The Scout Trooper deserves an honorable mention too.

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Apr 20, 2001
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1. Luke Skywalker (Bespin)
- I know this pick will piss off Darkraider, but he's truly my favorite POTF2 figure.
2. Commtech Stormtrooper
- This guy is perfect. He's only lacking a cool blaster, that's easily remedied.
3. Gamorrean Guard
- I think I reviewed this guy in another post...AWESOME, nuff said.
4. Darth Vader (Double Cape)
- I don't own the MOTDS Vader, therefore, this Vade tops my list. He just looks so damn cool holding his blade with both hands, urging me to cross over to the dark side.
5. Weequay
- Like your opinion of Nikto 909Sebastion, I'm sure others will think huh? But, I don't care, this guy is badass. In fact I have him, Nikto and my Gamorrean Guard posing in fornt of my remaining Jabba figures.

POTJ: (sorry, I needed to list 5)

1. Han Solo (Bespin/Re-Sculpt)
- This guy is my all-time favorite figure now ('95 and up). He looks just like Han Bespin, his sculp, articulation and super hegh detail make him perfect. My only gripe is his tiny little blaster that falls out of his hand.
2. Boba Fett (Re-Sculpt “300th Figure”)
- See Bounty Hunter rewiews. Outstanding in every way.
3. Biker Scout
- Sure, he's a little shorter than other Stormtroopers, but he's still amazing. What a cool figure.
4. Darth Vader (Dagaboh)
- I wasn't thrilled with the concept of this figure, but the execution knocked me on my ass. Great figure.
5. IG-88
- Again see my Bounty Hunter review. Nicely done.
Jun 2, 2001
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Its going to be tough to pick my favorites, since there are so many, but here it goes

1-RH Vader. This guy just rules. IMO one of the best hasbro has ever done
2-Gammorrean Guard. Great sculpt, great pose. This figure rocks
3-Bespin Luke. This figure could be better, but his hand comes off, so I love it. OK, I admit I'm easily amused
4-Zuckuss. I always like bounty hunters, and this one looks great.
5-Weequay. I think this is one of the most underrated figures. This sculpt just awesome. And of course, I'd love a FF one

This is a tough choice...there are so many great figures from this line. I think the best is Plo Koon though. What an amazing figure. I really like the new Chewbacca's too

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True, true... The Weequay figure is often forgot, and it's a good one. Same think as for the 2 Ugnaughts pack. These 2 figures are damn well sculpted, and almost always forgot I think. Talkin' about the Weequay, would be really cool to have the other Weequay who was on the skip...


You guys are right about Weequay. A very under rated sculpt. They did an excellent job with this figure. The vintage one is very good too. This character was has been represented well with both lines....