The Auction Outing Rule

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May 18, 2002
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The practice of "outing" auctions is not allowed. To be clear, if the auction is live, you may not mention it in any way that makes its presence known unless the sole purpose is to expose scams, fakes or fradulent auctions. Members who persist in posting auctions and/or ads are subject to having their account suspended by an administrator.

Reason and common sense will be the determining factor here. We expect people to help us monitor any live auctions that are posted for elements of fraud and if it's not present and is a clear case of outing, please alert one of the members of the mod team to have the thread removed.

Again, i must reiterate that this topic is truly a matter of common sense. If you're not sure, please ask one of the members of the mod team to help you determine if the auction can be posted. The suggestion of contacting some of the more knowledgeable collectors on the boards is also valid. The mod team here and editors at are always willing to help.

Humorous and clear cases of ridiculous auctions will still be allowed for posting and discussion. By ridiculous i mean, $1,000,000 opening bids for a chewed up Luke found in a sand box and so on.
Not open for further replies.