QUESTION The appeal of cards.

Mar 16, 2002
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So I've recently decided to start in the trading card game again. I have a complete set of the vintage ones but am starting to add to my modern collection.

Just thinking what it is about cards that you guys like? Got a friend who says they are overpriced and base sets dont hold any real value. He is right about the price as here in the UK I got a box of JTROS and Galaxy 2018 boxes for £100 the pair which is a lot more than I think you guys in the USA pay. I got 2 autos, 1 sketch and 1 patch card from the boxes. The autos and sketch cards are nowhere near worth £100, although I think I got a parallel orange Lt Bastian Galaxy auto which is 3/5.

I'm thinking of only collecting base sets, as these sets go on forever if you start down the parallel or mini set route. I love looking at the cards and to be perfectly honest I'm happy to just look at them every now and again. The galaxy sets are probably my favourite because the modern ones and the older 1990s versions are great cards.

The only other thing that really annoys me is why we cant all have the same card sets. We have different sets to the USA and also dont get the auto or sketch cards, which is a bit strange.

Would be good to hear some input.

May 15, 2002
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We are paying $80 or more per box for regular sets like Rise of Skywalker. If I understand that you bought two boxes for a total of just £100, you did very well.