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May 18, 2000
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Discuss all random 30th Anniversary Collection (2007) stuff here in the general discussion thread.
I have numerous POTF2/POTJ/UGH/30th Anniversary/Saga Legends figures that I'm looking to sell (at reasonable rate) as I'm no longer collecting action figures. Please send me your want list and I'll see what I have and cost of each.

I have to say that over the history of the modern line, TAC may just be my favorite....
I have to say that over the history of the modern line, TAC may just be my favorite....

Yup. It was a great year or two for Star Wars figures. The concept figures, comic packs, huge main line filled with some truly great figures, a solid saga legends line up, a nice Vintage subset... they look like glory days now.

I'm enjoying JTA's retrospective thus far.
Have to thank you for pointing out JTA's retrospective. I didn't know they were doing one. I'm really enjoying reading through their posts. I definitely miss the variety of all-new figures and amazing accessories that this line brought us.
Sorry if this in the wrong place. I searched but came up lacking info. Im looking at completing a set of 30th coins. My main question is what do these typicially go for ? I know the mail aways and gold coins go for alot more, what about the regulars ? I just scored an album off of Ebay with 16 coins pretty cheap. Also on Ebay there is a complete set but sell is asking almost $280 is that what there really worth ?
This is the line that got me back into collecting after a long hiatus.
Hello all ive visited many time tgrought the years but recenzly doubled
Has anyone Collecting the 30th Anniversary Collectiin come across any exremely rare variants. I cam across an Airborne Trooper with unpained visor similar to the Ep 2 Saga Kamino Escape unpainted visor variant. I SPOKEN TO MAYBE 5 COLLECTORS WHO HAVR found this. Also iam wondrring about theccoinbook Vader variant i found that has non silver unpainted shoulderd....I jave many other varisnte. I hope some one hete can answer rarity n value. A limited release of ztge 30th Vsriants got out begote the fix. Athsnks Squirl
I still have alot of catching up to do from this line. I still need to get a few certain figures from this 30th Anniversary line series
I have to say that I really miss this line. There were so many cool new figures and great updates to old figures. After a bit of a rocky start the distribution was a dream compared to what we have now. Those were great days for collecting.
Does anyone here have the Salacious Crumb with the C-3po that has the bugged out eye socket? Just wondering if it's worth picking up on eBay?

The Salacious Crumb figure is definitely better than the previous versions (that came with PotF2 Oola or the SAGA Jabba's Palace Denizens pack), but the C-3PO figure is weird. The dirt is badly applied in my opinion, and the eye is weirdly done. It makes for a fun "action" feature, but if you're looking for a definitive 3PO to display I wouldn't use this one.
Aayla Secura's Jedi Starfighter [30th Anniversary Collection]
Praise The Lord! I went to #crowemagtoys after the big teacher workshop that Meredith College right across the road. Look at all the great Star Wars stuff that I got! #starwars by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr
I got this for cheap yesterday at Crowemag's Toy Store! I thought it was Obi Wan's but it's not. Now I just need to find a Aayla Secura to pilot it!
Vintage collection Aayla Secura is the best version of her she's not expensive $8.00 tops
Have to 100% I've blurted against recent Hasbro drop-the-***** in recent years; this was a highwater mark for them. So many characters that had never been done, as well as cool, everyone was happier with big H. then.
I have to say that I really miss this line. There were so many cool new figures and great updates to old figures. After a bit of a rocky start the distribution was a dream compared to what we have now. Those were great days for collecting.
I own two Star Wars comic packs, back from 2007 or 2008 (can't exactly remember); Koffi Arana&Bultar Swan and Commander Keller&Galactic Marine. I'd like to put them in protective cases to display them. What kind of cases will they fit in best? Thanks for answering :)
Hermi Odle for $15, is he worth picking up?

Can't say I own him yet. But considering it's a tenner for a regular figure, I don't think fifteen is outlandish as some prices you see. Of course he's an older figure and less articulated. So it all comes down to whether you need him in your collection. If you want a decent Jabba's Palace I'd go for it. If you don't then don't.
Hermi Odle for $15, is he worth picking up?

Í may be late in replying, but I'd get him for that Price. He was only 1x per case and I don't think he was ever repeated. He's an ugly figure, but part of Jabba's Entourage, so he was a definite buy for me back then.
Need some assistance in identifying which wave this 30th anniversary figure is from for proper placement in my carded collection. Hasbro doesn't make this easy. This is the collection list I'm using Star Wars Collector - 30th Anniversary Collection

I can't seem to find where 30TH ANNIVERSARY #30 C-3PO and SALICIOUS CRUMB (Version - NO COIN ON CARD OR PLACE FOR COIN). I just keep finding this one: swCollector - HD Photo Gallery and my card doesn't look like that since it doesn't have the coin or the red outline around the coin. Thanks for any help.
The 30th Anniversary Collection Photo Archive
C-3PO & SALACIOUS CRUMB (Jabba's Servants)

It's a repack from wave 1 or wave 2 from 2008 :ninja:. You can tell by the display stand instead of the coin and on the back shows wave 1 and 2 from 2008 B).
Sandtrooper III ("Clean" Corporal - body #1) -

Can someone tell me if this actually exist?
I've been looking on E-bay for ages for one, but I just can't find it :(

Here is a little history about this unicorn :ninja::
what are the rarest 30th anniversary TAC toys?

To me, this is the "Unicorn", Hasbro said that it was release in the wild but in limited numbers, but the only one that I know is this one shown here at Rebelscum by Mr. Curto, unless someone provides with pictures of this figure carded I will believe it, loose and customs don't count

I agree!
Can anyone confirm that the Black Pauldron exists??? I have looked on eBay for over one year now with nothing ever showing up. Anyone have a picture (besides the RS one of course) to confirm that it was released. How about our friends at POTF2... they find everything.
Todd D

I'll bet Mr. Curto is still kicking himself for opening that one! I still have yet to hear about anyone besides him having it.

It's a good thing I have 2 then: one loose, and one carded in a clamshell case.

Maybe Hasbro will re-release this one some day...I can ask.

Wow! Congrats on still having one carded!

Even if they do re-release it, your carded TAC one will always be a holy grail in the collecting universe!


Interesting....maybe I should sell it? I'm an opener anyway, so the carded version I have can maybe go to a collector who'd really want it. Instead of it just sitting on my shelf, collecting dust....
But don't worry if you still looking for this figure, it was mass released in 2008 and 2009 :D:
Re: the TAC sandtrooper figure...there's an interesting story concerning the photo/painting on the card. Anyone know the answer?
Re: the TAC sandtrooper figure...there's an interesting story concerning the photo/painting on the card. Anyone know the answer?

Click the banner for the entire interview :D:

March 20, 2007
Story by Chris Rhoads (dustrho)

When Hasbro designs the images to be used on their card backs that will eventually entomb action figures, have you ever wondered how they come up with those images? Do they use models for some and their imagination for others? In the case of the upcoming Sandtrooper figure (set to be released in the Saga Legends collection), a very lucky Mike Harrison from the 501st Legion was called upon to provide them the image of an accurate looking sandtrooper from A New Hope. The funny thing, though, is that Hasbro never contacted him about it, but instead people noticed that Hasbro used one of his photos from his personal web site.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike regarding this, and also asked him several questions about him in the Star Wars galaxy.


Now the question I'm sure most of us want answered is this, what was your reaction in learning that Hasbro used a photo of you for their upcoming Sandtrooper figure? How did you learn about it? Did Hasbro contact you for permission to use your photo?

As a professional interweb surfer, I hit up web sites like Rebelscum a few times a day just to see what's new. I don't have any intentions of buying new Star Wars toys or collectables, but I enjoy seeing what companies come up with. That's when I saw the news blurb that linked to images of all the card backs for the new wave of figures, and the one with my photo jumped out. When I clicked on it, to see the larger image, I about had a heart attack. It was like a dream. I was speechless, shaking, it felt like I won the lottery. Once the news got out and I heard that it was the real-deal, I could only describe my feeling as humbled and honored. The reality is that the graphic artist who used my picture did so because he thought all the images that LFL supplied them were unusable. While I was never asked for permission (and that subject opens up all kinds of legal issues), I'm really not going to pursue it. The idea that I'm being immortalized as an action figure... the same kind of Star Wars action figures that fill my earliest childhood memories, is really life affirming. It's as-if my life-long devotion, hard work and commitment to this hobby and to Star Wars has really paid off. Now I get to look forward to signing action figures in 2007!

If anyone deserves to be immortalized on a Hasbro Star Wars card back, it's Mike Harrison. I haven't had the opportunity of seeing it in person, but if you check out his photo galleries on his personal personal website. you'll see just how good his armor really looks. I'd like to thank Mike for allowing me to do this interview with him, and congratulations about Hasbro using your photo. Talk about a great honor that must be for you.
I had the pleasure of meeting Mike at an event in MD., and he was nice enough to autograph my TAC action figure as himself & TD-1536...helluva nice guy.
Thanks for the info!

I've been looking for more but it seems this figure has never been released single carded, and the only way to get it is in this 2-pack (or to make a custom one).
SO...anyone else here just to appreciate just how good we had it in 2007? Because 30th Anniversary Collection was one of a kind.