Tales from echo base: what we fight for the SPECIAL EDTION

Oct 11, 2017
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texas...earth's Tatooine
star wars
tales from echo base : what we fight for

chapter 1
Farris Tarve shivered and rubbed her arms through her thick rebel uniform,
her breath steaming in the cold night air.
Farris adjusted her grip on her blaster rifle and let out another steaming breath.
night watch was the worst duty you could ask for on hoth, but she suffered it so no one else had to.
she was stationed at the eastern outpost overlooking the icy wastes near the generators.
the lookout post was a circular room with a long narrow window that stretched wall to wall
overlooking the icy plains.
a door on each side lead out into the snowy wastes and little else.
behind her was a long corridor that snaked through the mountain winding past the generator
and leading back into Echo base proper.
the heaters were less effective here but it was enough to keep hoth's deadly night dutys from being fatal.
indoors at least she mused.
she walked over to the doorway on her left and stopped next to the laser turret, gazing up at the stars.
for 3 years the rebels had fled from system to system
evading the imperial fleet.
finally they had found the remote ice world hoth and settled there hoping the imperials wouldn't find them.
she was lost in thought for some time before she heard a footstep behind her.
she turned, smiling when she saw her younger sister Vashlynn bearing two hot drinks.
"thanks." Farris told her, gratefully accepting the steaming beverage
and moving back into the warmer confines of the outpost.
Vashlynn smiled.
"I know it gets lonely and cold out here. anything happening?."
Farris shook her head and took a drink.
"I saw something that might have been a meteor come down a few hours ago.
I called it in to command. they said commander skywalker was looking into it. did luke give his report yet?"
Vashlynn shook her head. "Solo went out after him. he hasn't come back either."
Farris' brow furrowed slightly.
"wait-luke didn't come back?"
Vashlynn nodded, her eyes going to the darkness outside and the freezing, howling wind.
"the princess talked to major Derlin, but they closed the doors for the night." she said softly.
the room seemed to feel a little colder suddenly.
shifting her blaster rifle and drink around, Farris put a hand on her sister's shoulder.
"they'll be ok. if anyone can find Luke it's Han."
Vashlynn nodded but didn't speak.
Farris knew her sister was worried.
she was young and she idolized both of the heroes.
the sisters chatted a few moments longer before Vashlynn said her farewells and
returned to the base for the night, leaving Farris to her lonely vigil.

The next morning, Vashlynn ate in the Mess hall with the other rebels;
while several pilots in snow speeders combed the icy wastes for the two missing rebel heroes.
having worked night watch,Farris was asleep in her quarters at this time of the day.
a couple of hours later, the snow speeders returned with luke and han.
Vashlynn managed to catch Han outside the medical bay.
"Captain solo!" she called trying to shoulder past couple of soldiers in the narrow hallway.'
"excuse me."
"Captain solo!" she reached Han as he was lowering his hood and removing his goggles.
"what is it?" he asked.
"how is commander skywalker?"
"I don't know. im on my way in now to check on him."
"What happened out there?" Vashlynn asked.
Han lowered his voice. "I don;t know. he kept saying something about creatures.
the kids out of it, but something definitely attacked him."
Han glanced through the window where the medics were lowering luke into a bacta tank as leia,
chewbacca and the droids watched.
Chewie glanced over his shoulder,saw Han and waved a hairy paw.
"I better get in there. we'll keep you posted corporal."
Vashlynn nodded.
"thank you captain Solo."

Vashlynn aimlessly wandered the sparse white hallways lost in thought.
when she heard an announcement over the loud speaker.
puzzled at what could be wrong, she hurried down the hall to the command center.
"reroute all power to the energy shield," general Rieekan was saying as she entered the room.
"we've got to hold them until all transports are away. prepare for ground assault."
"whats going on, sir?" Vashlynn asked with a crisp salute.
"one of the empire's probots found us. we're evacuating." Toryn farr answered as she rapidly
pressed buttons on her console, hurriedly preparing the ion canon.
"get to the trenches, Corporal Tarve." General Rieekan told her as he began issuing orders.
"yes sir!" Vashlynn hurried into the hallway already bustling with scrambling rebels.
"IMPERIAL WALKERS ON THE NORTH RIDGE!" the loudspeaker announced.
Vashlynn's heart skipped a beat.
this was going to be bad.

as Vashlynn was leaving the command center she spotted her sister in the crowd
of rebels heading toward the hanger and fell into step alongside Farris.
she noticed that Farris was dressed in the orange jumpsuit of a pilot,
a helmet cradled under her left arm.
"wait,are you going out?!"
Farris gave her a quick glance. "I have to. the imperial attack force is massive.
there's no way we can win. we'll have to hold the line until the evacuation is complete.
and they need every able body they can get."
Farris stopped and put a hand on her sister's shoulder.
"Vash, we aren't rookies. you know how good a pilot I am. I'll be fine.
they walked a few feet further and paused beside the last snow speeder as
another rebel climbed into the rear gunner compartment.
Farris handed her a comlink. "this is set to my speeders comm frequency.
if you need anything let me know."
Vashlynn nodded and clipped it to her belt.
she looked at her sister for a long moment unsure what to say.
Farris drew her little sister into a long hug.
then with a kiss on the cheek, and a pat on the back she released her.
Farris squeezed her sister's shoulder. "take care, Vash. and remember what we fight for."
fastening her helmet the tall woman then vaulted into her speeder and buckled in and closed the canopy.
Vashlynn watched the speeder depart, then hurried off already hearing the sounds of battle outside.

Vashlynn rushed down the twisting frozen hallways until
she was at the outpost where Farris had stood nightwatch on her normal routine.
she rushed to the left doorway.
the battlefield was alive with blasterfire as snowspeeders
roared by overhead attempting to slow or destroy the advancing walkers.
she spotted a small group of snowtroopers breaking off from the main force,
advancing on the entrenched rebels.
taking cover in the doorway,Vashlynn raised her blaster rifle and began firing quick and precise shots
dropping three before they could react.
the remaining nine took shelter behind nearby snow dunes and returned fire.
Vashlynn returned fire, taking down four more.
the remaining five snowtroopers dug in deeper, refusing to give her a clear target.
two rebel soldiers broke off from the battle and caught the snowtroopers from behind,flanking them.
four of them fell to the surprise rebel attack while Vashlynn blasted the last of them.
she gave an all clear signal to the rebels. they acknowledged and hurried back to the battle.
the walkers were much closer now and their heavy lasers were pounding the entrenched soldiers hard.
Vashlynn knew she only had one chance.
sprinting as fast as she could, she ran hard for the trench.
an AT-AT fired,blasting the ground behind her close enough
she could feel the heat of the blast on the back of her calves.
the piercing whine of blaster fire was deafening.
the walker fired again, blasting the snow in front of her high into the air and into her face.
with a yell, Vashlynn threw herself into a roll over the scorched snow and into the trench.
half blinded she wiped the snow from her eyes with one hand as she struggled to stand.
one of the nearby soldiers quickly helped her to her feet.
with a quick thanks, she joined the rebels in the trench in holding back the snowtroopers.
for several minutes they held their position until Major Derlin ordered several soldiers
to man the defensive turrets and focus on slowing the walkers as much as possible.
Vashlynn mounted a dish turret and began firing on the walkers.
as she fired she saw a snowspeeder tie up the legs of another walker
causing it to crash to the ground.
Derlin led the charge as a snowspeeder fired on the downed walker destroying it completely.
one down four to go, Vashlynn thought grimly.
the battle raged on but one by one she saw speeders getting shot out of the sky.
the rebel forces were being decimated.
briefly she wondered where her sister was but there was no time.
a few moments later, the order to fall back was given and the rebels began retreating back into the base.
Vashlynn decided to ignore the order and keep holding the line.
she saw that she wasn't alone.
a small handful of rebels were still fighting alongside her in the field
though most were retreating as they fought.
an advancing walker stepped on a downed snowspeeder crushing it.
a moment later Vashlynn saw the flash of a blue lightsaber underneath its body as a figure quickly
decended from a grappling cable.
the walker's head exploded and the hulking body crashed onto its side into the snow.
one last snow speeder still challenged the advancing walkers.
Vashlynn pulled out her comlink. "Farris! where are you?"
no answer.
fear gripped her heart.
a moment later her sister's voice crackled back over the comlink.
"Vash! what are you doing out here!? they gave the evacuation order already!
go! get to the last transport! I'll cover you!"
relief flooded through her.
Farris was alive.
"I copy!" she said into the comlink.
Vashlynn turned and started running back toward the base.
the piercing whine of the AT-AT's chin gun sounded a split second
before Farris screamed a raw ragged scream of agony over the comlink.
Vashlynn turned and watched in horror as her sister's snowspeeder spun out of control,
corkscrewing side over side through the air; great gouts of flame and thick black smoke
billowing from the engine as Farris struggled to regain control.
over the comlink Vashlynn could hear Farris screaming in agony, as the flames burned her alive.
"Farris! eject!" Vashlynn screamed.
over the comlink Farris' screams were becoming increasingly louder and more raw.
"Farris!" Vashlynn screamed into the comlink.
"I can't...it's jammed!" Farris said hoarsely as she pounded a cracked and blackened fist on the canopy.
a moment later her sister, clearly in great pain, said something weakly over the comlink.
then the speeder exploded.
Vashlynn watched helplessly as bits of twisted,burning metal
and parts of the pilot and her gunner rained down onto the battlefield.
with tears of rage on her face, Vashlynn ran back to the dish turret and opened fire on
the walker firing as fast as she could get the shots off.
after three shots the dish whined and made a buzzing sound then ceased firing.
Vashlynn kicked the worthless device then unslung her blaster rifle
and began firing on the walker, knowing her rifle would do nothing to
the armored behemoth and not caring.
the AT-AT's head swiveled and fired, blasting the dish turret next to her to pieces
and sending Vashlynn flying through the air.
Vashlynn awoke a moment later dazed and in pain, bleeding in the snow.
coughing, she tried to rise but fell face first into the snow.
looking down, she realized numbly her left arm was gone below the elbow.
she saw it lying several feet away amidst a puddle of frozen blood still holding her blaster rifle.
dimly she was aware of intense fiery pain in her leg.
Vashlynn shook her head, trying to clear it.
she looked down to see her right leg was twisted under her in a grotesque position.
weak from the cold; shock and blood loss; she collapsed hard into the snow.
breathing hard,the extreme cold burning her lungs,she dug the fingers of her
remaining hand into the snow fighting the intense pain ravaging her body and the hole in her heart.
she lay there thinking of Farris.
her big sister who had always been there for her.
everything they had fought for, everything they had been through.
all for nothing.
she felt tears freezing on her cheeks as she shed them.
five or ten minutes passed as she lay listening to the rythemic whir and WHOOMP of the
advancing walkers as the world grew colder around her.
out in the ice field there was no more blaster fire.
the shield generators had been destroyed and all the rebels that hadn't evacuated were dead.
though she could hear a few shots inside the base, the fighting was done here.
she heard the roar of engines and a moment later she saw the Millenium Falcon soar off into
a few minutes later she saw the outrider lift off as well.
then the last x wings and the last transport sped off into space and she knew she was alone.
as Vashlynn lay there, several snowtroopers aproached with blasters leveled at her.
her rifle was well out of reach and her blaster pistol was holstered and pinned under
her ruined leg. the snowtroopers roughly hauled her to her feet and held her upright.
she cried out in pain as a wave of fresh pain surged through her leg.
"you rebel scum." one of the stormtroopers snarled.
Vashlynn said nothing.
just defiantly glared at them.
or tried to, through her pain.
they roughly bound her and placed her with several other prisoners in a ground transport.
as she sat there contemplating her fate, Farris' words came back to her.
"take care Vash, and remember what we fight for." Vashlynn resolved to never give up.
they would torture her.
they would kill her.
but they would not break her.
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Jan 2, 2015
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That is a much better version.
It is more original and I care more about her.
You also ended it well so this could be a stand alone story or part one of a longer story.
Oct 11, 2017
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texas...earth's Tatooine
thanks :)
this is sort of how it was meant to end so far as part 1 goes.
originally she passed out and would wake up in an imperial prison but people kept thinking she was dead so after some thought i decided to redo the ending. im glad it seems better now :)
im hoping to get part 2 written eventually but i havent gotten it figured out yet.
for some trivia anyone that has played battlefront 2 on ps2 might recognize i used the hoth map as the layout for the rebel base. ;)
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Dec 2, 2005
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Hey, intense read! Very easy to visualize and identify with the main character. Some thoughts:

- I like the snippets of ESB moments (helpful to see the bigger picture) and the Outrider shout-out was cool.
- For some reason, starting with the older sister's perspective really worked for the best, as I was waiting to return to her POV, making her death more impactful
- Funny how I was already picturing the BFII (2005) map while reading :)
- Agree with Utinniii, this could work equally well as a standalone and as a part one.

Now, to read part 2!
Oct 11, 2017
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texas...earth's Tatooine
in the words of c 3po "WONDERFUL!"
im glad you like it so far rushie :D
i actually meant to use farris more but for whatever reason her role ended up smaller than i intended, but it seems like it works for the best just the same.
also i meant for there to be more scenes of them talking during night watch but once i threw in the esb reference i ended up railroading my story.
ive played so much bf2 2005 that i guess my head just imagines it that way anyway :p
i also wanted to say that if anyone objects to my heavy focus on female characters allow me to explain.
ive been writing stories focused on women since the late 90s and i always felt it was sort of my thing.
so im not copying disney they are copying me :p
i have ideas for other storys as well if anyone wants to see them. maybe the majority could decide what they want to read next.
some ideas i have in development are about a female smuggler (ive been working that one out for years now)
i also have a story in the works about shira brie in her early years working for the empire.
also if people like them enough i can write more stories about the tarve sisters before hoth
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