tales from echo base wha twe figt for part 2 (conclusion)

Oct 11, 2017
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texas...earth's Tatooine
what we fight for part 2

a rebel cruiser dropped out of hyperspace, swift and silent in the still coldness of space.
ahead, the maw cluster near kessel loomed ominously.
twelve x-wings launched from the cruiser's docking bay and flew steadily toward the maw.
"rogue squadron," General Madine announced over the comm frequency,
"intel has informed us that some prisoners from hoth were taken to a secret Imperial facility
somewhere in this area.
we think it may be hidden in the asteroid field.
your job is to take down the defense towers once you find the prison
so our commandos can land and extract the prisoners."
"I copy general." Wedge acknowledged.
"ok form up rogues."
"I copy." Hobbie acknowledged.
"copy boss" Janson acknowledged as well.
"Lets just hope they are still alive." Wedge thought as the prison came into view.
"or this will all be for nothing."

Vashlynn Tarve groggily awoke, head throbbing.
she became aware she was lying on something metal and very uncomfortable.
she could hear a female voice urging her to wake up.
"Farris?" she mumbled," what-" slowly her eyes focused.
she was in a metal room, some kind of cell.
gradually she remembered.
the woman wasn't Farris.
she remembered that Farris, her older sister,was dead.
and all that remained of her was scattered across the barren plains of hoth.
she knew the face but couldn't place her name.
"my name's Kari Neth. I was captured on Hoth with you and a few others.
Vashlynn nodded.
she reached out to touch Kari's shoulder and was greeted with the sight of a bacta cast on her elbow.
Vashlynn shook her head to clear it.
she remembered now. her injuries. her missing arm and mangled right leg.
she frowned when she noticed she wasn't in much pain.
"the imperials gave you some injections for the pain as well as bacta casts for your wounds."
Kari told her.
"not sure why the bother when they want to torture and question us anyway."
"where are we?" Vashlynn asked.
"I'm not sure, but I think we are in a prison facility near kessel." Kari told her.
"we need to get out of here somehow." Vashlynn said softly.
Kari nodded. some of the other prisoners and I have been working on that but-"
Just then the door opened and several stormtroopers entered.
they grabbed Vashlynn by the arms and began dragging her from the room.
Kari lept to her feet. "leave her alone you bas-" one of the troopers backhanded her,
knocking her to the floor. "you'll get your turn. now be quiet and stay out of trouble."
Kari watched helplessly as the door slid shut blocking Vashlynn from her sight.

they strapped Vashlynn down to a table and left her alone in the room.
the silence was maddening.
about an hour later a female imperial entered accompanied by two stormtroopers,
a somewhat rare sight in the empire.
the woman was very tall, over six foot, perhaps late forties. broad shouldered
with long black hair, a large nose and cold green eyes.
her grey imperial uniform tightly hugged her large bust and slender body.
"Corporal Vashlynn Aricana Tarve, hoth 42nd troop regiment, classification: sniper."
the woman recited in a low, almost sultry nasal voice.
it wasn't a question.
she wanted Vashlynn to know she knew everything about her.
"I am Chelstis Voque, the inquisitor of this facility. you will tell me everything I want to know or
I will make your existence such a hell that you will choose to tell me anyway.
whether you want to or not."
Voque spoke as though she were bored of reciting the same line to every prisoner.
maybe then she hadn't had much success? Vashlynn thought.
it must have showed on her face because voque smiled, almost friendly.
"oh you think i'm bored don't you." she said in that same uncaring tone.
"we are going to have quite a time, Ms Tarve. however you will break. they always do."
raising a slender black gloved hand Voque gestured and a wicked looking droid was brought forward.
it was a spidery looking 3 legged disc about the size of a jawa.
"this is the agonizer 6. it has never failed me in breaking any prisoner I have used it on.
Voque smiled again, faint lines forming at the corners of her eyes.
Vashlynn hid her fear.
she had heard the stories of what these nerve disruptor droids could do.
"well let's begin shall we?" Voque said as though she were preparing a demonstration for a product she wished to sell.
Chelstis Voque stood off to the side with her arms crossed under her large breasts
and watched as the droid scuttled onto the table and squatted over the prisoner.
before Vashlynn could even wonder what it meant to do, the droid jabbed
a needle into her chest near her heart. immediately she began to squirm in her restraints
as a burning sensation spread through her body with her blood and steadily grew worse
until she was biting her lip and trying not to scream.
Voque watched impassively betraying no emotion.
"oh be a good girl and just cooperate." she said in that same uncaring tone.
despite her tone, a smile slowly crept onto her face.
the droid begin administering electro shocks every 30 seconds,
and then when Vashlynn began anticipating it went to completely random intervals.
"begin program 1" Voque intoned.
the droid injected Vashlynn with something while making an odd tone.
suddenly the sight of the droid terrified her beyond belief.
she began kicking and screaming trying to get free.
the shocks came faster and faster causing more intense pain every interval
until each jab felt like a blaster bolt.
her fear became so great she began screaming hysterically.
"Farris! help me! Farris!"
her fear and disorientation was so great that at the moment she had forgotten her sister was dead.
"begin program 2" Voque ordered. suddenly the fear was gone and the shocks stopped.
she was almost euphoric she was so relaxed.
she lay there, sweating and breathing hard, trying to clear her head.
Voque leaned close and smiling warmly, as if she were an old friend.
Vashlynn was so disoriented nothing made sense. was this woman her friend?
her enemy?
"now," Voque said softly," tell me everything about the rebel alliance. what are they planning?"
breathing hard, Vashlynn ignored the unnatural pleasure coursing through her bodyand cleared her mind enough to
spit an obscenity, at Voque then spat in her face.
wiping her face with her gloved hand Voque smiled like a predator.
"oh I was hoping you'd resist." she said softly.
Voque took great pleasure in her next command.
"Execute program 3."
a long needle slid into Vashlynn's neck. she began to convulse violently.
her spasms would have thrown her off the table and half across the room
if she weren't strapped tightly to the table.
Vashlynn's screams and sobs were becoming raw and hoarse now.
anytime now.
Voque watched with certainty.
she would break.

from her cell Kari Neth could hear Vashlynn screaming and crying hysterically.
it had been going on for hours now but this was worse than anything she'd ever heard.
worse even than her own session with Chelstis Voque.
whatever Voque was doing to Vashlynn, Kari swore she would pay if she hurt her.

"there it is." Wedge said as the prison came into view. on a large asteroid several sprawling facilities
and prefab buildings had been set up with a large group of anti air turbo lasers
all enclosed in multiple large craters several miles wide.
"Hobbie,Janson on me."
"copy Rogue leader." they acknowledged.
the other rogues split up per Wedges orders some taking on the turbolaser towers
while the others focused on the now scrambling ties.

the door opened and the stormtroopers dropped a
quivering,sobbing Vashlynn Tarve on the floor and left without a word.
Kari went to her and helped her to the cold metal bench on the wall.
she held her and quieted her as best she could.
sometime later, as Vashlynn was sleeping to recover from her torture,
the soldiers returned with inquisitor Voque herself.
she eyed the prisoners as if she were picking out a sweet snack for herself.
her eyes came to a rest on Kari. "ah sweet Kari. you were quite resilient last time."
"you wont do anything but waste your time with me."
Kari said with a hint of menace in her voice.
"do tell." Voque purred. "take her."
the stormtroopers grabbed Kari by the arms but she swung her body up and drove both feet forward
kicking Voque in the jaw. at the same time, she elbowed the stormtrooper on her right in the stomach.
he doubled over while the other continued to grapple with Kari.
seeing this the other rebels in the cell joined the fray and overpowered
the stormtroopers taking their weapons and shooting them.
Voque ran down the hall screaming for security before they could stop her.
soon alarms were hooting throughout the base as stormtroopers hurried to the cell block.
as the other rebels took cover and began firing on the stormtroopers,
Kari grabbed a stormtrooper helmet and began fiddling with the comm unit.
"Hello can you you hear me?! anyone?!" she tried multiple frequencies and got nothing.
she felt a hand on her shoulder she glanced back at Vashlynn.
"there." Vashlynn said hoarsely, pointing.
Kari tried again. reply crackled back.
"-Wedge Antilles of Rogue squadron repeat identify yourself."
"my name is Kari Neth. im with a group of prisoners taken at Hoth.
we are trying to break out but we need help!"
"I copy, Kari." Wedge replied.
"we need to get to the hanger but we are pinned down!"
"acknowledged. we'll get you out of there Kari, just hang on."
"rogue squadron," Madine's voice came over the comm," long range sensors indicate a star destroyer
stationed here will be returning soon.
"I copy." wedge acknowledged.
"rogues, use proton torpedoes on the towers. we need to be quick. our friends are counting on us."

inside the base the stormtroopers were pushing in closer.
several rebels had fallen already.
and the prisoners were a small group to start with.
"rogue squadron help us!"
Kari screamed into the comm unit she'd pulled from the stormtrooper helmet.
Vashlynn lay on her belly on the floor picking off stormtroopers,
using her arm stump to stabilize her blaster as best she could.
swearing, Kari put her comm on her belt but left it open as she kept shooting stormtroopers.

outside, a rebel commando team landed slipping past the few remaining turbo lasers that
rogue squadron hadn't eliminated yet and made their way inside.
taking down the stormtroopers they quickly made their way to the cell blocks while
a smaller group set off to plant demolition charges to destroy the facility.
Kari lowered her weapon once she spotted the rebel commandos.
"general am I glad to see you!"
Madine grinned through his beard. "glad to see you're still alive! the alliance
was ready to give up on the hoth captives but I convinced them to let me
lead this team in too look for you."
"thanks general." Vashlynn said from the floor.
Madine helped her up. "lets get you out of here."
Vashlynn shook her head. "go ahead.
get the others out. I have unfinished buisiness with someone."

outside the last guns fell silent as an x wing blasted it.
"good shot Janson!" wedge shouted.
"like shooting wampas in a barrel." Janson quipped. "only wampas don't shoot back."
"uh oh looks like company." Hobbie interrupted. "more ties coming in fast."
"I see them. let's give the others more time." Wedge told them.

in great pain, Vashlynn limped on her wounded leg, searching for Chelstis Voque.
"come on out!" she screamed. "VOQUE!"
she heard the sound of husky laughter.
"my you're a determined little thing." Voque said without revealing herself.
"perhaps you're made of sterner stuff than I thought."
Vashlynn's eyes searched the darkened room looking for her prey.
"few can withstand my torture methods and ever be the same.
let alone be able to attempt to hunt me down."
Vashlynn took a shot at her. spinning toward where the the blaster shot had come from Voque fired.
she heard Vashlynn cry out and hit the floor loudly.
Voque moved from cover to cover watching for the crippled rebel.
steadily she worked her way toward the hanger bay where her personal lambda class shuttle waited.
there was only silence. "I must have killed Tarve," she thought.
on her way to the hanger she stopped by the torture room. the agonizer was hardly irreplaceable but
Voque had come to favor the droid as it was specially programmed for some of her own favorite sadistic ways to inflict torture.
she entered the torture room. the droid was sitting in it's accustomed place near the wall.
as she picked it up she heard another voice.
"activate program 10."
the droid came to life in Voque's arms, stabbing her with every needle
and injecting every drug it carried while firing off all other torture devices it owned at full power.
every arm shocking, cutting, injecting and whatever the wretched device did.
Voque was writhing with convulsions on the floor, screaming louder than Vashlynn had.
Vashlynn watched for a moment then hit the door lock.
as the door slid down, she rolled a thermal detonator under it just before it closed.
she hurried down the hall limping as fast as she could toward where the rebels were waiting.
as she heard the detonator explode, she finally allowed herself a smile.

aboard the rebel shuttle, Vashlynn watched as the facility exploded.
suddenly her adrenaline was gone and she felt so tired.
so weary.
many of the prisoners had died but Vashlynn, Kari and a few other men had made it out.
Kari put a hand on her shoulder.
"you ok?"
Vashlynn nodded then looked down at her missing arm.
"it looks bad. but we can get you fixed up at the base." Kari offered.
suddenly Vashlynn couldn't stop her tears.
"no." she whispered. "this is all I have left of my sister."
"oh no." Kari said, remembering Farris from Hoth.
"she didn't-?"
Vashlynn shook her head as fresh tears fell down her cheeks but her voice stayed strong.
"no.Farris died because I stayed at my post instead of evacuating.
she was trying to cover for me and got shot down.
I lost my arm and leg trying to save her. I knew she was already gone but.."
"....I didnt care. I wanted to die with her."
"oh Vashlynn I'm so sorry."
Vashlynn looked out at the stars thinking of Farris.
one star,no different than any other, drew her gaze and held it.
something about it was almost reassuring.
it made her think the times she'd spent laughing and sharing drinks
with her sister so many nights on Hoth.
as long as she lived she would have those memories.
she gazed at the star a moment longer. she spoke as if to her sister.
"goodbye, Farris."
she turned back to Kari. "you're right. I need to let go.
she's one with the force now; if you believe in that."
Farris wasn't force sensitive, Vashlynn knew that much. but she believed that perhaps
there was a place in the force or something somewhere for loved ones who had passed on.

sometime later aboard home one, Vashlynn was recovering in the med bay.
her leg, the droids had told her, would fully recover with time and bacta treatments.
but she would miss out on joining the assault team on endor like she'd planned.
her left arm had been replaced with a bare metal prosthetic.
she had requested that it be left as it was so she would remember her sister's sacrifice.
a holo of Farris rested on her bedside table. forever smiling at her. Vashlynn smiled back.

the end.
i hope this is a satisfying end i worked on it as best as i could.
this was inspired by the rogue leader maw mission (you can find it on youtube)
for more on kari neth and the space battle check it out. s always i welcome constructive feedback and hope everyone enjoys the story.

mods if anything needs changing just dm me and ill look at it
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Jan 2, 2015
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That was a good second part. It went quickly which kept it tense.
Voque got a fitting end and there was good character development.
Oct 11, 2017
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texas...earth's Tatooine
thanks. i felt like i drew it out a bit more than i should have but i felt like voque had more coming to her than to just get shot so i came up with that.
i hope the ending dialogue was all good as well. i had intended more with others visiting her like madine, ackbar,mon mothma maybe even luke. but it just felt like ending where it did fit best so i left it at that.
i decided that setting it during the video game mission to the maw seemed like the best prison setting. i wanted to throw in ore jokes with janson but i realized that i couldnt use "yub yub commander"
if endor hadnt happened yet so i had to come up with other things. i also that its written as it is if i ever wanted to use voque again later for some reason this might leave a window open while still leaving closure here
Dec 2, 2005
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Hey, cool chapter!

Love the tie-in with Rogue Squadron. You could turn this into a series, have Vashlynn interact with more SW games of the OT era. She could meet Kyle Katarn in a prequel (Dark Forces) , or Iden Versio after Endor (BFII)

- As the big new addition to this story, Voque felt a bit out-of-nowhere. Her sadism could use some depth, why is she so evil?
- It could use a re-write to polish the spelling and grammer. Some of Voque's dialogue felt a bit cartoony.
- I think the implied death of Voque would've worked better without the grenade. That way, a possible re-appearance is more credible. And if she doesn't make it out, her comeuppance reads stronger than a quick explosion (mercy kill?) would.
- Love the ending, with Vashlynn's prosthetic arm and holo of her sister on her desk. Definitely works better in this subdued way than having half the Rebel command come visit.
- As with chapter one, I could easily picture the events and the environments, so you've got that down great.
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Oct 11, 2017
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texas...earth's Tatooine
thanks rushie :D its been a while since i wrote it ill have to go back and examine it which parts were cartoony?
i just figured voque was an imperial and she be a sadist i guess :p
i was just trying to make her a really unflappable really intimidating cold uncaring villian though it probably ame off weird.
having JUST read moving target i was like wtf a very similar death scene happened in that book. i swear disney time traveled read my story then went back in time for theirs.:p
i do agree that I feel like this part was kind of rushed and sloppy since i had a better idea what i wanted early on.
when i started writing part two isort of just starting pulling at straws for ideas.
as for the grenade I just wanted her to have a badas* moment were vashlynn made sure she was dead.
ok yeah some of the last dialogue was a little goofy, also im well known as a horrible typer but when i get done with my other non sw stuff im writing ill try to go back and rework some bits once know exactly what parts are in need of fixing
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Oct 11, 2017
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texas...earth's Tatooine
meanwhile im working on another sw fan fic but im working with a character (shira brie later lumiya) that i havent actually read any of her storys since she was mostly in the comics and i havent gotten to the legacy stuff yet.
im using wookipedia as a reference point, but they arent making it easy. on somethings its hard to get a feel for the order things happened in if i have to reference anything
Oct 11, 2017
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texas...earth's Tatooine
This might help. IDK what specific issues she was in though.

thanks ill check it out :)
if anyone has any suggestions what they want to see in future fan fics let me know here :)
its ok wookipedia says what issues she was in which looks like 56-63 (before she became lumiya)
i didnt realize lobot was a superhero with all the powers of the hulk in the 70s comcs :eek:
by the way if anyone is interested in this story or the characters let me know here or DM me.
id like to know what everyone would like to see in a farris and vashlynn prequel, what would you like to learn about them?
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