FT Tai-Gon Jair's Trade List

Aug 12, 2020
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Occasionally I have Star Wars Black Series figures to trade. At the moment, I have Captain Cardinal and DJ R-3X from the Galaxy's Edge line available for trade (only one of each). They are new in unsealed boxes (pictures below)

If you are interested in either, or both, and have Star Wars Black Series figures to trade, send me a PM. There are a bunch of figures I would accept in a trade. I would prefer the figures you offer in trade to come with the box or card, but I will take loose figures, as long as they are complete and in mint condition.

While there are many figures I would be wiling to accept in trade, there are a few which I am actively seeking. If you have #59 Clone Captain Rex, I'd offer you both Captain Cardinal and DJ R-3X for him. For one to one trades, I am especially interested in #93 Cal Kestis and #41 Tusken Raider / #40A Sand People. Alternatively, if you are able to secure the new Clone Trooper Lieutenant from Walgreens, I'd be very interested in a trade. I have terrible luck with exclusives from Walgreens.