WTB/WTT SW12 Carded, Loose Figures, Accessories + Display Stand

Apr 2, 2010
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Seeing if anyone is looking to trade/sell. Don't expect to buy everything right away, looking for good deals and to help those looking to avoid eBay.
I've been looking for these for years, but making a more consistent effort lately. My last thread was started in 2016, starting a new one after 5 years for 2021.

Please give price with shipping included, I am hoping to find these cheaper (and possibly as a trade) here before I resort to eBay or local shows. Have PayPal available.

Carded Needs
Long-term project. For carded figures, seeking high grade with visual appeal for first 12 figures, prefer 12A back and graded.
  1. Darth Vader MOC Star Wars 12 Back
  2. Luke Skywalker MOC Star Wars 12 Back
  3. Obi-Wan Kenobi MOC Star Wars 12 Back
  4. Will consider other 12 Back figures for the right price, but the above three are priority given my limited budget

Loose Figures & Accessories Needs
  1. Boba Fett: figure + gun (lower priority)

For Trade
I am looking to buy but happy to trade. I have many things which I can trade, both SW and non-SW. Can provide pictures if interested.
I am primarily a baseball card collector, I have hundreds of feedback on sports card trading sites.

SW Vintage:
- Loose Kenner Vintage
Luke Skywalker Farm Boy - broken saber​
Darth Vader w/ cape and lightsaber with hinged tip​
R2 D2​
C-3PO - loose limbs​
Princess Leia - no accessories/cape​
Chewbacca w/ bowcaster​
Han Solo w/ gun​
Ben Kenobi - completed w/cape + broken lightsaber w/tip piece​
Death Squad Commander loose​
Stormtrooper loose​
Bespin Luke Skywalker Loose​
Yoda with robe, orange snake, belt but no cane​
- 1977 Vintage Don Post Helmet
- Vader Die Cast Micro Figure Line (missing lightsaber)
- 1976 Star Wars Hardcover Book with Dust Jacket
- 1977 Star Wars Del Rey Golden Cover Paperback

SW Non-Vintage:
- Hasbro Vintage Collection VC93 Carded Darth Vader
- Hasbro Vintage Collection VC117 Carded Kylo Ren (small damage, has tear from removed price tag on back)
- 2009/2010 CW05 Animated Yoda Loose The Clone Wars Figure COMPLETE with cloth cape
- Star Wars Stacking Coffee Mugs (New/Boxed)
- Disney Parks Collectors Figures (mini) - Jedi Mickey & Darth Maul
- 2015 Disney Parks Mickey' Secret Mission Multipack Figure

Non SW:
- Baseball cards, mostly Yankees autographs/RC/cards
- Retro video games + controllers - Atari, NES, N64, GameCube
- Vintage radio, typewriters, camera
- Carrol Spinney autograph, Muppeteer playing Big Bird/Oscar
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Jul 27, 2017
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I have an extra Obi Wan 12 Back A. I believe it's an AFA 85. If you'll please PM your email address to me, I will email photos and an asking price. Thank you.

I also have an extra Han and C-3PO 12 Back A, if interested.
Apr 2, 2010
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Up for March. Was able to acquire loose SW needs + stand. Need Boba. Plenty to trade. Cannot update title of post to reflect this.

Seeking carded SW12 back + loose Boba.
Also trading Loose & Loose complete Star Wars figures for vintage baseball cards if that is allowed here.