StarWars Legos For Sale!!

Dec 19, 2004
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title says it all!

im in need of a few dollaz to purchase 3x im offering some of my extra laying around stuff for sale!

Have for Sale:
1x wookie warrior..$6
2x stormtrooper...$5.50 each...
1x tie pilot...$5.50
6x battle droids...$5 each
2x battle droid commander..$6
1x red clonetrooper..$5.50..SOLD
1x luke$2
1x scouttrooper helmet..$3
2x ewok's...$4 each...SOLD
1x ev9d9..$4.50..SOLD

droid escape parts:..$3 for everything!....SOLD
1x Light Gray Radar Dish 8 x 8
2x Light Gray Panel 4 x 4 x 6 Quarter Cylinder
2x White Panel, Decorated 4 x 4 x 6 Quarter Cylinder with Droid Escape Pattern

6x black rails. with 4x black arnches with 2x window dorms.$3 for all 12x

jedi starfighter parts:..$7..SOLD

3x complete clonescoutwalker' clonetrooper..$3.50 each

im also willing to trade:
lego biker scout,leia,hoth rebels

only shipping with-in the u.s
buyer pays shipping!