Star Wars - Uzay Savaşçıları - I.Gunner- ON SALE 750 USD

Nov 25, 2019
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istanbul - turkey
Star Wars - Uzay Savaşçıları - Imperial Gunner- Bootleg - Loose
The Price is : 750 usd
The condition of figure is very high. Leg and arm I mean limbs are steady. It is a loose figure.
Doesn't have gun and backcard

Imperial Gunner Figure Info ( general )
Figure variants - none
Weapon variants (2) - black stormtrooper rifle, light blue stormtrooper rifle
Cardback variants (2) - green background behind figure, orange background behind figure


From the late 1970’s to 1980, Star Wars action figures made by the toy company, Kenner, were produced and sold by the millions worldwide. These licensed figures were available in Turkey in the mid 80’ and were often imported from Europe. However, in the late 80’s, after the toy line stopped producing new figures, a line of fake or “bootleg” Star Wars figures were made in Turkey by a company called SB Products. Today, this toy line is highly sought after by Star Wars toy collectors, and is considered very valuable.
SB products made 14 action figures and 2 vehicles for the Uzay line. There are multiple paint, mold, and weapon variations. Two of the figures they produced, the “Blue Star” and “Headman”, were not actual characters in the movies and are 2 of the most sought after figures. There is also an pre-production “prototype” card back featuring a snowtrooper figure that has not yet publicly surfaced. The original steel molds for the figures and vehicles were recovered from the factory years ago, and now reside in a private collection.

Today, there are a very limited number of Uzay figures known in private collections, and even less mint in package figures. The rarest figures include R2D2, Death Star Droid, and Head Man, while the most popular include the Blue Star and the Death Star Gunner cardback. One should note, that the weapons are usually harder to find than the figures, and can often command very high prices on their own. The heightened awareness of the value these toys command by Turks has brought out more collections in the last few years than ever seen before.


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