Star Wars: The High Republic: Edge of Balance, Vol. 1


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Aug 21, 2021
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Star Wars: The High Republic: Edge of Balance, Vol. 1

The galaxy of manga has been seen before in Star Wars adaptations, but in Star Wars: High Republic: Edge of Balance, fans can experience a brand new original saga following Jedi Outposts.

In the High Republic era--centuries before Skywalker--we meet Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi...

In the aftermath of the Hyperspace Disaster, young Jedi Knight, Lily Tora-Asi is assigned to help displaced civilians relocate to Banchii, a newly inhabited planet in the Inugg system far in the outer rim. Banchii is the site of a new Jedi temple led by Master Arkoff, Lily’s Wookiee mentor, who imagines the temple as a place of peace for new inhabitants and for those who are traveling beyond. While balancing the arrival of incoming settlers with the strange mysteries of this remote outpost, Lily wonders if she’s doing enough to bring peace to the galaxy. But when hidden dangers begin to emerge, the young Jedi will face her greatest challenge yet . . .

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