Star Wars RPG?

May 18, 2000
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Has anyone picked up this game yet (the one with pack-in figure, not the "work in progress" video game)?

I haven't, but I wondered if it was worth the trouble. Can you basically make up your own characters and adventures? Is it something that could be played online, with friends, like in here for example? Apokolips and I kind of kicked the idea around a little (a long time ago), but I was waiting for some feedback from someone who has actually played it. So, anyone out there????

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Jun 17, 2000
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Well, I picked up the Core Rulebook, not the boxed Battle of Theed set. The rulebook is what any of the die-hard gamers would want. It's more specific, and gives more races, equipment, vehicle descriptions, etc. I think the boxed set is more of a beginner's kit to familiarize the players.

I think it would be hard to translate into an on-line game, but maybe someone could do it. It would require a common time to be set up for all people to be playing, otherwise you risk a really slow game. Plus, the die-rolls/skill checks could probably be done okay, but I think it would be hard to really drop yourself into character on-line. Part of the fun is the verbal interaction.

And, whenever I play, there tends to be a lot of clarification dialogue back and forth between the players and the GM to make sure each one understands what exactly the situation is. Again, that might make it hard to do on-line.

Plus, if you use the character sheet template, you'll want all the players to have at least a decent idea of what everything means, and what they can/can't do. They should all have a rudimentary knowledge of the system ... just being familiar with the characters/situations/planets of SW doesn't necessarily mean you can pick right up in a rpg set in the GFFA.

I'm not trying to be a downer for anyone who may be interested, I'm just trying to point out potential problems. I'm sure there are some bright people on this forum, though, who may have some ideas of how to modify things and make it work if they want to play.


I have to agree with Grand Moff Fett...I find RPG games designed to be played 'in-person' have a hard time translating to an online game...if you're interested in RP'ing online, grab yourself a chatroom and go for it, no need for character sheets or rules. As long as everyone you're playing with realizes that they aren't immortal and that you apply semi-RL physics for things like falling and fighting, you should be ok...I do that with a few others, and refering to a character sheet while doing it, or rolling dice takes away from it online...

Not that I don't love RP'ing. I did it all through college, and am actually just about to start up another game. I picked up the Core Rulebook to flip through and maybe give a shot. On the surface it seems very easy to read, and asthethically, the pictures are nice to break up the text. As for the technical aspects, I haven't delved deeply into it yet. On first glance it seems to look similar to GURPS, which I have grown to love, but mind you I could be wrong. I also don't know how the combat rules are.

What I did read, and get a kick out of were the Light/Dark side force a lightsider can become a darksider through actions...I found it made sense to me...

All right...I will let you know what I think when I get further into it...
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