Star Wars & Other Vintage 80s Toys for Trade

Oct 11, 2002
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Star Wars & Other Vintage 80s Toys for Trade

MY HAVES (For Trade or Sale)
All items are from vintage 80s toy lines. A photo's worth a 1000 words, so check the links to see the condition (or PM me for a detailed description). I'll give you a price break if you buy multiple items or buy out a whole lot.

Star Wars (Kenner)
Wicket W. Warrick (mint on card) autographed by Warwick Davis in silver pen - looks great! - $150

Legend of the Lone Ranger (Gabriel)
Lone Ranger (loose, complete) - $25
Tonto (lose, complete) - $25
Butch Cavendish (lose, complete) - $25
General George Custer (lose, complete) - $15

Butch and Sundance (Kenner)
Butch Cassidy (mint on card) - $45
The Sundance Kid (mint on card) - $45
O.C. Hanks (mint on card) - $35
Sherrif Bledsoe (mint on card) - $35
Marshall LeFors (mint on card) - $35

Voltron (Panosh Place)
Castle of Lions Playset (loose complete) - $100
Voltron Lionbot (loose - missing sword otherwise complete with all lion weapons) - $100
Pidge (loose compelte with key) - $7
Hunk (loose complete with key - slightly discolored body) - $5
Zarkon Zapper (loose - missing battery cover) - $10
Coffin of Darkness (loose complete) - $10
Coffin of Doom (loose complete) - $10
Skull Tank (loose complete) - $30
Doom Blaster (loose complete) - $15

Voltron (Miscellaneous)
I can't identify all of the items, but there are two different die cast bots, one of which is the Matchbox Lion Bot. Also includes 2 foot remote controlled Voltron. Asking $100, but if you can convince me why I should give it to you for less, I'll consider it ; )


Indiana Jones (Kenner)
Indiana Jones (from Map Room Playset doesn't need to have robe)
Indiana Jones (broken thumb O.K. if rest of figure is mint)

Butch and Sundance (Kenner)
The Sundance Kid (loose, complete)

Zorro (Gabriel)
Amigo (loose, complete or carded)
Captain ramon (loose, complete or carded)
Sgt. Gonzales (loose, complete or carded)
Tempest (loose, complete or carded)

Star Wars (Kenner)
Leia Combat Poncho (loose, complete)
Han Endor (no camo - loose, complete)
Biker Scout x 5 (loose, complete)
Speederbike x 2 (loose, complete)
Wampa (loose, complete)
Taun Taun Solid Belly (loose, complete)
Taun Taun Split Belly (loose, complete)
Luke Hoth (loose, complete)
Han Hoth (loose, complete)
Luke Jedi Blue Saber, Clasped Cape (loose, complete)
Oct 11, 2002
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Re: Star Wars & Other Vintage 80s Toys for Trade

Updated with photos, prices and some more items.