Star Wars Novelization: History and Help

Jan 14, 2010
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Here's a look at a couple of my Alan Dean Foster signed books (hardcover bookclub editions)

Very cool - Thanks for the post & pics. I've always had a strong preference for collecting SW novels in HC rather than PB format. HC's are typically superior to PB's in every way:

1) Larger typeface
2) Better Paper quality (doesn't yellow was much as PB paper)
3) More durable re: the spine; PB's easily bend, and can actually fall apart over time.

I really wish Splinter of the Mind's Eye would be reissued in a new HC format at some point; I only have the PB (the version that was reissued in the early-mid '90's). This is quite possibly my favorite SW EU novel. AFAIK, the only time this book came out in HC was this 1978 bookclub edition - I remember seeing this at a library years ago.
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