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Jul 30, 2000
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Hi guys, once again I am redefining my collection and looking to make space for other items. I feel it is now time to let my lego collection go to another collector so have a look at the list and let me know if you are interested. I will only be selling everything as a set so please don't ask me to seperate any particular item. Everything is loose and has been assembled and then displayed. The sets have never been played with. OK, maybe once or twice zooming around the kitchen but that's it

4475 Jabba's Message

4476 Jabba's Prize

4479 TIE Bomber

4480 Jabba's Palace

7104 Desert Skiff

7106 Droid Escape

7110 Landspeeder

7119 Cloud Car

7127 Imperial AT-ST

7128 Speeder Bikes

7130 Snowspeeder

7134 A-wing Fighter

7139 Ewok Attack

7140 X-wing Fighter

7144 Slave I

7146 TIE Fighter

7150 TIE Fighter & Y-wing

7166 Imperial Shuttle

7180 B-wing Fighter

7190 Millenium Falcon

7200 Final Duel I

7201 Final Duel II

All sets are complete but without boxes. I do have all the instructions and other leaflets that came with all the sets. Everything is still assembled but I will disassemble and individually bag each set if the buyer so desires. If you live in Sydney I can arrange to meet up and exchange in person. Outside of Sydney the buyer will have to pay for shipping which could be expensive as there is a lot of stuff here! Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

I am looking for $500 [forgot to add, that's $500 Aussie, not US]. I really do want to sell these so don't be afraid to haggle (after all, it's not worth twenty sheckles! [Monty Python fans will understand that] ) To give you a rough indication of value a boxed Falcon recently sold on eBay Australia for almost $400 by itself!

I can accept Australian Money Order, Cash or payment through Paypal. I don't have a digital camera so pictures will be hard to get but if anyone really needs them I'll see what I can do. If you want to match up the items listed with an image try this site here: I'll give it about a week and if nobody has expressed an interest I'll probably list everything on eBay.


[edited to specify Aussie dollars, not US dollars]

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