Star Wars Figure Display/Diorama - Value?

Jul 5, 2011
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Derbyshire UK
I know its not Vintage but I wasnt sure where else to put this.

Hi Guys.

I have been offered the following piece.

The gentleman purchased this in 1999 at the of the Phantom Menace film launch. Theatre Diarama Display with 6 figures, diarama is 600mm wide x 400mm high x 320mm deep constructed in metal and acrylic with card printed backdrop and lighting. Figures - Kyle Katam 69893 / Clone Emperor 69886 / Mara Jade 69891 / Darktrooper 69894 / OBI -WAN Kenobi and Chewbacca both larger figures on turntables. Only 66 were ever made, this one never used and in original card box.

Has anyone every seen one of these before and does anyone have an Idea of value?

Thanks for any help.