Star Wars fans in Athens, Ga!

Jul 22, 2014
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Augusta, Ga

I am wondering if there are Rebelscum members living in or around Athens, Ga? I recently graduated from the University of Georgia in May, 2013 with my MAed. I'm good friends with Devlin Thompson who runs Athens exclusive (and historic) comic book shop, Wuxtry Bizzaro, (which is the sister shop to the Athen's landmark "Wuxtry" which is a record store that REM so famously hung out at!

I was born in Atlanta, Ga and my mom would often take me up to Athens a few times of year to visit, something about Athens always spoke to me, even as a young child, and I knew I had to return one day to at least go to UGA. Athens is a hive of culture and I KNOW there's more Star Wars fans out there from this historic Georgia town! Who are you????