Star Wars Celebration 2023: Jazwares Micro Galaxy Squadron


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Aug 21, 2021
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Welcome back, Rebelscum! Check out our tour of the Jazwares Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron booth at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023! They put together an awesome display and had a bunch of vehicles to show off. We also got some facetime with Max who shared some new reveals with us!

Keep checking back for more content from Celebration 2023!

Which of these new Micro Galaxy Squadron releases are you most excited for, the Imperial Shuttle or the AT-AT? Let us know below!

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I like this series. I was a fan from the moment they dropped. The issue for me, like many collectors, is the price points.

The price point for even the small AT-ST is just too high.
And when you want 4 of them for an Endor scene, its just too much.
Micro Machines Action Fleet made one with a few more characters for cheaper. You can still get the older versions for well under the prices of these new ones.

However....these newer ones are very nice.

My children have two as I waited for sales at Target. I even got the Slave 1 on clearance at Target.
Amazon had 2 sales. The Falcon for $25 and a set of 4 starships for $45 a few weeks ago.

Be patient and wait it out for prices to go down. Same with other lines.

I will be watching for both AT-ATs and the Imperial Shuttle. Both are nice and much better than the action fleet versions.
Very well made and a lot of detail
I’m delighted with the ROTJ battle pack. A battle damaged Millennium Falcon is a great varient.