star wars ccg 300+ RARES

Feb 6, 2002
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hello all
i have been looking to get rid of my ccg
cards for some time now
i have 300+ rares, 311 to be exact
id like to get $300 for the lot, but am open to all offers
Ill throw in all of the commons and uncommon’s that I have
which are probably near 1000, but im not about
to count them all, as well

All cards are in mint or near-mint unplayed condition, they are all black bordered

drop me an e-mail at if interested

Affect Mind, Death Star Plans, Demotion x2, Dice Ibegon, Disarmed x2, don’t get cocky,
full throttle x3, gold 1, gold 5 x4, han solo, hans heavy blaster pistol x3, into the garbage chute flyboy x3,
jedi presence, K’lor’ slug x2 leesub sirln x3, leia organa, luke skywalker, mantellian savrip x2,
millennium falcon, move along, noble sacrifice x4, obi-wan kenobi, obi-wans lightsaber,
on the edge x3, kal’falnl C’ndros, sandcrawler x3, rebel planners x5, red 3, revolution, skywalkers, tagge seeker x2, tarkin seeker x2,
tatoone:cantina x4, thank the maker x2, the force is strong with this one x3, warriors courage x3,
wed-9-m1 bantha droid x3, yavin4:thrown room
admiral motti x3, alderaan, assault rifle, charming to the last x3, devastator x2, disarmed,
djas puhr x2, dr evazan, ds-61-3, expand the empire, fear will keep them in line x4,
garindan x2, general tagged x2, grand moff tarkin, han seeker, I find your lack of faith disturbing,
I have you now x2, juri juice x2, kitik keed’kak x2, lateral damage x2,
labria x2, lone pilot, lone warrior x2, luke seeker, molator, moment of triumph x2, myo,
physical choke, presence of the force, sandcrawler x2, tatooine:cantina x2, turbo lazer battery x2,
vaders eye, wed15-1662 treadwell droid x2

A New Hope:
attack run x2, bowcaster, Chewbacca, clak’dor vii, commence recharging x2,
death star:trench x3, double agent x5, hunchback x2, let the wookie win, magnetic suction tube x4,
motti seeker x3, sw-4 ion cannon, tantive iv, tzizvvt, wedge Antilles, your all clear kid,

besieged x2, commence primary ignition, conquest, dannik jerriko, dark waters x3,
death star, death star tractor beam x2, dianoga x4, ds-61-4, greedo hem dazon,
hypo, it-0 (greatest card ever if used right), leia seeker x5, magnetic suction tube x3,
maneuver check x2, sandcrawler:droid junkheep, spice mines of kessel, superlazer x3,
trooper davin felth x4

anakins lightsaber, artillery remote, bacta tank, commander luke skywalker,
concussion grenade, dack ralter dark dissension x2, echo base operations x3, general carlist rieekan,
k-3p0, major bren oerlin, planet defender ion cannon, r-3po (ERROR card wrong picture),
rouge 2 x2, rug hug x2, surface defense cannon x2, the first transport is away, wes janson,
you will go to the dagobah system

at-at cannon, blizzard 1, blizzard 2, blizzard scout 1, collapsing corridor, death mark,
debris zone x2, frozen dinner, furry fury, general veers, high anxiety, hoth:wampa cave,
image of the dark lord, mournful roar x2, scruffy looking nerf herder, stalker,
tactical support, target the main generator, this is just wrong, wampa, weapon malfunction,
yaggle gakkle

dagobah:yoda’s hut, descent into the dark, egregious pilot error, I have a bad feeling about this,
jedi levitation, landing claw, no disintegrations, polarized negative power coupling,
raithal, rycar’s run x2, space slug x2, son of skywalker x2, the professor,
this is no cave, tight squezze, we can still outmanevur them, yoda’s gimmer stick x2,
dagobah:bog clearing, yoda you seek yoda x2,

avenger, bad feeling have I x2, bossk, bossk’s motar gun, broken concentration,
captian needa, dengar’s blaster carbine, field promotion, frustation, I want that ship,
ig-88’s neural inhibitor, lando system, lieutenant suba, punishing one, unexpected interruption, zuckuss

Cloud City:
Boba fett’s blaster rifle, punch it, rendevous point on tatooine,
smoke screen, surrepious glance

Jabbas Palace:
Jabba the Hut, jabbas sail barge: passanger deck, yoxgit, life debt

Death Star II:
luke skywalker jedi night, strike planning, tycho celchu x2,
ten numb, gold squadron 1, capital support, combined fleet action

DARK: myn kyneugh, sim aloo, fighters coming in,
thunderflare, accuser, visage