Star Wars™ - Starkiller Hero™ (Concept) Mini Bust

Apr 27, 2020
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Clemmons, NC 27012
A Gentle Giant, Ltd. Cyber Monday Premier Guild Exclusive! Before there was Luke Skywalker™ there was an idea for another galactic hero entirely. In our newest Mini Bust, we take you back to the origins of the epic Star Wars saga with Starkiller Hero™! Based on the original concept art, this Premier Guild exclusive Mini Bust depicts the original, female appearance of Starkiller Hero, holding a Lightsaber in one hand and a blaster in the other. Standing approximately 6-inches tall, she is limited to only 750 pieces. - $130

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Monday, November 28th at
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Nice. The email says 3000 pieces. But I'm guessing the site's listed 750 is actually correct.

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Glad to see this one has finally made it to the preorder stage. I'm glad as well to see they've chosen to go back to the origin of this concept line in 2009 and what called the attention of many: the artwork of Ralph McQuarrie and his instrumental effort to bring Lucas's idea to the big screen with his creations. The mini bust looks really cool and I only hope that, at $130.00 now, it gets delivered to us ( Jul-Sep 2023) maintaining the same painting and sculpting quality/attractiviness the prototype appears to have. I'll be pre-ordering one if I get to it on time. Considering two mini busts per account can now be pre-ordered and some people have two accounts, not just collectors but Ebay flippers as well, that leaves less chances to those of us with an "Apprentice" membership having to wait until day 2 to preorder it. We'll see.

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I never was interested in McQuarrie line, but I'm happy for the ones that collect this bust line and it's good to see different bust apart from OT and TV shows.
I would love to see more bust from prequels and sequels too.
Nice to see this one getting offered but I wish that DST would have continued the GG tradition of making the McQuarrie busts a SDCC exclusive. It was always something nice to look forward to. Also give McQuarrie credit, don't just call these concept busts.

Completely agree with this! "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar..."

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Do "masters" have two full days to order this or is it just one? I'm a little concerned since just 750 mini busts are offered but people can buy two, only 375 accounts would be needed buying two mini busts to sell out. It should have been limited to one per account to give a greater chance to the second tier on Wednesday, then after that having had the ordering open to anyone. I'm happy for everyone that's ordered it so far.
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Still available for pre-order now, so I guess the concept busts aren't that popular...

Yeah. They're a niche kind of collectible. Not that many people are into the visual origins of Star Wars, or simply don't care. One has to have a certain level of curiousity wanting to know how characters were first created, an appreciation for the artwork that went into them and a desire to own their 3D representations. Most folks are attracted to the familiar look/designs seen on film. Still, I think there are enough fans of conceptual art out there to warrant these mini busts continue to get produced.
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No joke...luckily this one was free for me as I used all my points, so there is that.
Looks good, Jedi534. Just needing a little dusting. What did you use to elevate Vader?
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