Star Case Garumaiya (Darth Vader) Vinyl Action Figure Review

Apr 22, 2002
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This is a quick review of the new and very interesting Star Wars Space Convoy Series toy line. These toys are produced in limited numbers (25?) by the well known Star Case toy store in Japan. The characters are based on the vintage Japanese ARII Space Convoy model kit's which were loosely based on Star Wars.

The 1st figure of the series is Garumaiya (Darth Vader) which was released in November 2011. A Recolor of Garumaiya was also issued in November of 2011. Both versions were only sold through the internet and came bagged with a header card. The style of the package is reminiscent of classic Ultraman kaiju (sentai monsters) from the 1960's and 1970's. The next figure to be released is the Stormtrooper which hopefully will be early 2012. Hopefully there will be more to follow as the back of the package shows.

The figure is around 6.5" inches tall. The legs, head and arms are movable. You can remove the helmet and interchange his claw hand with a spare hand that can hold a lightsaber.

Pictured below is Garumaiya Version 2