Spectacular Lifesize Star Wars Collection

Oct 21, 2012
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I am thinking about selling of my Star Wars Collection, I believe a lot of the items I have are
considered "Grail" items, I was wanting to sell these as a lot ,I will try to post pics at a later date, please
leave phone # in PM, I can text pics to you ,if you are serious potential buyer, items are as follows in
no particular order

2-Millennium Falcon Extraordinaires , yes the 6' Toys R US Displays
1-Naboo Starfighter 7' Store Display
Pepsi Watto
Pepsi Jar Jar
Pepsi Yoda-The Phantom Menace
Pepsi Yoda-Revenge of the Sith
Illusive Concepts Yoda w/ COA
Illusive Concepts Han Solo in Carbonite w/ COA
Illusive Concepts Jabba the Hutt w/ COA, will add a 1/6th scale sideshow slave leia
Illusive Concepts Boba Fett w/ COA
Illusive Concepts Admiral Ackbar w/ COA
Illusive Concepts Chewbacca no COA
As a special surprise I will include an Illusive Concepts Lifesize E.T w/ COA,who doesn't love him?,also
he was technically in Star Wars (there was 3 of them in the Senate Hearings)
JC Penney Anakin Skywalker

.45 Scaled Helmets Master Replica

Shocktrooper 1/500 worldwide Exclusive
Wedge Antilles 1/1500 worldwide Exclusive
501st Clone Trooper
Commander Gree
Luke X-Wing
Utapua Clone Trooper
Shadow Trooper
Darth Vader
Darth Vader (pink) breast cancer awareness exclusive
Darth Vader (gold) Fan club exclusive
Jango Fett
Boba Fett

.45 Scaled Helmets Riddel

Darth Vader(3 piece )

Sideshow Dejarik Table 1/6th scale

Jedi Path Book
Sith Book
Bounty Hunters Code
Imperial Code
these are the books that you press a button and the books rise out of them!

Collector Series Ships

Super Star Destroyer
Star Destroyer
Tantive IV (Blockade Runner)

I believe I have 7 Master Replica Force F/X lightsabers

R2-D2 Pepsi Cooler Store Display
R2-D2 Lego(the big one)

Now the part that you are all wondering ...... Price?
im asking $20,000 OBO, item is in Washington State , Will NOT Ship!!!

PLEASE ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS , hope to hear from you!
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