Specials: Return of the Jedi Commentary

Chris Wyman

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Nov 30, 2005
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Clermont, FL USA

This week we wrap up our commentaries on the Original Trilogy with Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. From the raid on Jabba's palace to the emotionally charged final duel, sit back, listen, and watch with us as we reflect on the film Saga's thrilling climax. Plus, listen for details on how you can win two 4-day passes to Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando.

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Mar 4, 2009
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That was really great. Thanks for that. I have a few questions though.
1. Why no Paul & Kyle like on the other 2?
2. Why couldn't you use the blu-ray? I mean I know you explained that a lot of people still don't have blu-ray, but why couldn't you've just watched the blu-ray & for those that don't have it, they could just follow along with the DVD? That's what I did, except I followed along with the blu-ray while you guys used the DVD.
3. Why does Jimmy always insist on starting in such a convoluted way? (going to the a certain point, pressing back, pressing pause, & then pressing play) I mean if we are using the same format, be that DVD or blu-ray, shouldn't we be able to just press play at the same time and still be on the same page? And I would submit that it doesn't matter all that much if you're a little off anyway. I wasn't able to listen to this all in 1 sitting, I got a little off, & it was fine.
4. Why doesn't everyone have the blu-ray? I mean unless you're a little kid & your parents refuse to upgrade...otherwise, I just don't see how you could consider yourself a huge Star Wars fan and NOT have the movies on blu-ray.