Spawn 16: Nitro Riders Part 1



Yeah, I know, it's not SW, so sue me!
Maybe if they'd SHIP new SW stuff every once in a while I could review some of that...

The series is, unfortunately, smaller in scale, and more expensive than the previous ones. Both these reasons, however, are due to the fact that each is a figure plus bike. While the figures are about 6", the bikes are each about 9 - 10", and are VERY substantial. Each feature moving wheels, kickstand and are, of course, very detailed. The figures themselves are amazing feats of engineering. You want articulation? Each has 18 points of articulation: ankles, knees, thighs (above knee), hips, waist/torso, 2x shoulder, wrists, neck and head.. You listening Hasbro? The waist has a double ball joint so it can bend well, and turn, in any direction. The only improvements, really, would be elbow articulation, but that seems a bit excessive on such a (comparatively) tiny figure (Spawn: Black Heart had, I think, has the record with 19pts., but he's 8 1/2", with four arms!). Anyway, on to the figures...

Eclipse 5000:

He appears to be the "Spawn" of the bunch, from his deco - Black with silver/grey highlights, and a vaguely "Spawnesque" mask. The figure itself is pretty cool. The joints are tight, yet move easily. It's got epaulets which cover the slightly unpleasant shoulder joints (for those who don't like them), and are nicely flexible, so they cover it in ANY position. As I said above, it would have been nice if it had elbow articulation, but there isn't really anywhere they could have deleted articulation on him, so... Unfortunately, they decided to stick some dreadlocks on him, hwich weren't on the protos. While this may have been to try to separate him from Spawn (he's not CALLED that), it doesn't really add anything to the figure. He'd look much better without them, I think, so there's some ucstom work to be done. It'd also be nice if the silver was a bit brighter.

His bike is similarly cool. It's quite sleek and compact, but suits the figure. Joining the two is a bit fiddly, and is the only real downside to the fig. Once on, he just looks like one mean mofo.
Oh, one of the tails is a loose fit, too. It's a simple fix with some white glue, but still, a bit frustrating.

Rating: A

Green Vapour:

The figure itself is pretty weak. The joints on mine were quite loose, and the whole thing just doesn't look as good as E5K. But what the figure lacks in, is more than made up for by the bike. It's friggin' HUGE, about twice the girth of E5Ks bike. It goes together well, and the massive array of mufflers/exhausts/whatevers is impressive. It's a mean looking bike. The figure fits well to it. A small criticism (well two), it's fron wheel doesn't turn, and there was some strange oily gunk all over my rear canopy. Hmmmm...

Figure rating: Figure C+ Bike, A

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May 18, 2000
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Killer reviews, can't wait for the other 2. Here's my 2 cents:

I picked up E5k last night at Wal*mart for $11.34, completing my collection. I'd have to say that while I dig all the sets, they're ALL a pain to get the figures to fit properly on the bikes IMO (especially the handlebars).

I also feel that the Green Vapor bike is not an "A" bike, more like "B-" for me, especially with that giant pointless rear canopy. The front wheel on mine does turn, although not as much as Eclipse or Afterburner (my fav).

That white stuff on your Green Vapor canopy sounds weird, mine didn't have that. And keep eyes open for "pewter" and "gold" highlight variations, they're out there and everybody seems to have a different opinion on this (I perfer the silvery pewter paint to the gold).

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