Some stuff for sale...

Jun 29, 2002
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I'm looking to clear out a few things. All are in C-9.5+ condition. I can provide feedback if wanted. I can open up stuff if loose is desired to save on shipping. All shipping will be exact cost as well and well packed. Email me at: if you are interested in anything.

Star Wars:

SAGA Reek (tri) MIB $6
SAGA TRU Landspeeder $10
Ep. 1 Rune Haako (tri) MOC $3
SAGA Ponda Cantina Set $4
SAGA Djas Puhr U.S. MOC $4
Yoda Pez loose $2
Wicket Pez loose $2
Boba Fett Pez loose $2
Jango Fett Pez loose $2

Non Star Wars:

LOTR TTT Frodo (biling.) MIB $7
Hockey Starting Lineups(I have lots so email for requests, all are MOC)

Thanks for looking.

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