Some older TVC figures for sale/trade, & Want List

Feb 8, 2011
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Fort Erie, ON
Please refer to my current "For Sale" list for items available for sale/trade:

My WANTS to trade for (loose preferred):
SAGA 04-09 J'Quille
OTC 05-08 Dannik Jerriko
TAC Coin Album
TLC BD-46 Owen Lars
TLC BD-48 Concept Anakin
TLC BD-49 Tarados Gon
TLC Rebel Pilot Legacy III: Jake Farrell
TLC Comic (Marvel Star Wars #94) Keoulkeech
TLC Comic (Empire #16) Janek Sunber & Amanin
TLC Comic (Visionaries) Cyborg Maul & Owen Lars
Star Tours droids: any of the POTJ or OTC single-carded ones other than DL-X2 and G2-4T (both from POTJ)
HK-47 parts: head x2, left arm, right leg (with or without figure)
R2-K2 (from saga astromech pack)
R2-Q2 (from saga astromech pack)
R5-K6 (R5 Unit from Scamble on Yavin BP)
R5-F7 (R5 Unit from TAC TRU Y-wing Exclusive)
TAC Commander Neyo
Darth Nihilus
Tsui Choi
Any complete or parts of the SAGA'02 and/or OTC Jedi Council sets
Gelagrub Patrol BP (lower priority)
Hoth Speeders BP (lower priority)
Sarlacc Pit from Pit of Carkoon BP
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