SOLD - TIE Fighter WINGS - white & big

Mar 17, 2007
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SOLD - TIE Fighter WINGS - white & big

Hey folks. Up for sale is a set of large, white TIE Fighter wings for the 3 3/4 scale Hasbro TIE Fighters. They are in perfect condition. If you have a small-wing TIE and want to give it an "upgrade" these would be perfect for you. Again, this sale is for the WINGS ONLY, and they are the big, white variety.

I'm asking $9.00, plus shipping for the wings.

I also have a TIE Pilot from the 2008 TRU TIE, It is in excellent condition and complete.

Asking $4.00, plus shipping for the pilot.

Just PM me with your location/zip code and shipping preference and I'll get back with you on the total. I have
perfect ebay feedback (Just don't laugh at some of the items listed, I share that account with my wife.).

Edit: You can pay by paypal or personal check/money order. Just be aware that the item(s) will not ship until payment has cleared. Thanks.