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Dec 19, 2006
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Hi, I will put this lot up on the bay if no interest, but wanted to give my rebelscum friends a shot first in case any of you are hardcore Episode 1 fans or army builders. Here we have massive lot of StarWars Episode 1 Naboo toys. They make for a pretty good Naboo diorama. You get everything pictured in the lot, and I'll throw in some bonus items as well. Here is roughly what is included but please see pics for details. All of this was owned by an adult collector and has been mostly in storage since 1999.

1x Naboo Starfighter loose, complete, stickers applied
2x Naboo Starfighter loose, complete, stickers not applied but included
1 x Theed Generator Complex loose, complete, stickers applied, with Battle Droid
2x Theed Generator Complex loose, complete, stickers not applied but included, Battle Droids still in packaging
1x Theed Hangar loose, complete with stickers unapplied but included, includes the exclusive Qui-Gon and Battle Droid figures
1x Flash Speeder loose, complete
2x Flash Cannons loose complete (lights work)

1x Opee See Killer with Qui-Gon and Spear
1x Battle Droid Mini-Pod with Security Droid
1x Gungan MiniSubmarine with Obi-Wan

2x Naboo Security Guards, loose complete
1x Naboo Royal guard, loose complete
2x OOM-9 Loose complete
1x Queen Amidala (theed palace) Loose, complete
1x Ric Olie loose complete
2x Ric Olie MOC
1x "Dirty" Battle Droid complete

1x Darth Maul (deluxe) complete
1x Obi-Wan (deluxe) complete
1x Qui-Gon (deluxe) complete

1x Darth maul v. Obi-Wan "Final Duel" 2 pack loose, complete

Large bag of accessories from the Episode 1 Accessory packs.

My asking price is $100 ONO via payapl gift, plus actual shipping. If you are interested please make an offer via PM. Thanks!

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