small collection for sale POTF2 EP1 POTJ Saga have a peek

Jan 5, 2002
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I would like to sell the following lot of figures which includes carded and loose for $75.If anyone wants to make me an offer, please do so

( I will break down into smaller lots or individual sales if there is no interest in the large lot, please be patient)

SAGA Carded(Canadian Carded)
Captain Typho $3
Clone Trooper ( red) $4
Anikin Hanger Duel $3
Jango Fett Final Battle $4
Jango Fett Kamino Escape $4
Endor Soldier (beard) $3
Chewbacca Cloud City Escape $5

SAGA Deluxe Carded(Canadian Carded)
Anikin with lightsaber slashing action $5

Beast Carded (Canadian Carded)
Opee with Qui-Gon Jinn $6
Kaadu with Jar Jar Binks $6

POTF2 Carded
Admiral Ackbar $3
Anikin Skywalker $4
Bespin Luke $4
Grand Moff Tarkin $3
Lando Skiff Guard $3
Cinema Scene Skiff Guards 3 pack(seal broken) $9

POTJ Carded
Bespin Guard $3
Shimi Skywalker $3
Darth Maul Sith Apprentice $3
Ellors Madak $3

Loose Figures POTF2
Chewbacca (buff) $1
Chewbacca (boushh’s bounty) no chain $1
Darth Vader $2
Emperor Palpatine $2
Han Solo (endor gear)$2
Lando (general/pilot)$2
Luke (dagobah fatigues)$3
Momaw Nadon (hammer head)$2
Deluxe Crowd Control stormtrooper $5
Deluxe Probe Droid $5

Loose Figures POTJ
Chewbacca (Millennium Falcon Mechanic) $4
Darth Maul (sith apprentice) $3

Loose Figures Saga
Captain Typho $3
Endor Soldier (beard)$3
Obi-Wan Kenobi (pilot) no robe $2

Episode 1 Loose Figures
Anikin from Mos Espa Encounter $1
Jar Jar from Mos Espa Encounter $1
Darth Maul Jedi Duel $2

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