QUESTION Site acting up?

As of this minute it's running pretty good. But that's the thing, it's been sporadic over the last few days. One minute it'll be running fine and the next it takes forever to display your alerts.
Yep, no noticeable improvement for me. Everything from the main site through to the forums has a very notable lag with loading.
Just about every function seems to be sluggish.
- Pages taking in excess of 10 seconds just to load the base page.
- Posts & pictures taking further time to populate within the page.
- After selecting user’s post text for quoting, ‘Insert Quotes’ function to add the quote/quotes into a new post
seems to do nothing while appearing to freeze then leaves the quoted items menu still hovering.
- Attaching images taking much longer to upload as well as showing after inserting them into a post.
- Posting a comment taking much longer to complete & then show in thread.

I am using an iPad Pro. Everything else on the web running extremely fast & up to a few weeks ago so was RS.
Same here, no real improvement, on the contrary it's still the same, slow loading with almost everything.
Edit: And of course, as soon as I write this, the site works just fine, no delays etc.
Still acting up. No improvements for me. Slow when loading for this first time (up to 15-20 seconds) then when moving between threads a bit faster but still slow.
Site is even slower now than it was a couple days ago. It's either 20-30 second load times for pages/checking notifications, or it just times out completely after about a minute. Forums are practically unusable at this point. C'mon guys! Surely the problem has been identified by now???
Forum speed seems to be back to normal as of Sunday morning. Hopefully staff identified the specific issue so it can be squashed much faster in the future!
I don't always understand technical issues so I asked a friend, and he could only respond with this...

But I know how this stuff works. I know there are elves that live both inside my computer and in the interweb. Tiny elves. They're magical. And they're on strike. I intend to put out cookies and milk next to my laptop along with a collective bargaining agreement and see if we can get things where they need to be. I did the same thing with Charter and Disney this week. Got that fixed. Now we can watch college football again. It's gonna be okay, folks. (y)
Sorry, but how is this still an ongoing problem? It's been over a week now. Site is still extremely slow and buggy. Perhaps it's time for Rebelscum's current owners to consult some outside IT help? Just a suggestion.
I remember when the forums got upgraded a few years back and it wasnt even this bad.... not sure whats happening but the lag is horrible.