Simple ANH TVC Threepio


Jan 10, 2008
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Kalamazoo, MI
The TRU Exclusive Forcelink C-3PO is arguably the best A New Hope version of the character in 3.75".
But his knees aren't articulated and I want Threepio to sit on the back of Luke's Landspeeder while they get harassed by the cops. The TVC version can sit and has been released multiple times but always with a gold foot as Threepio appeared in ESB and ROTJ, not silver footed as he looks in ANH.
My oh so simple custom is to paint a TVC Threepio's foot silver. That's it.

I know some don't like the TVC version but I'm not a fan of the vac metal look and the TVC version can still be found loose for under $10 so I don't feel guilty about ruining something special. Plus the silver shin on this version is easy to match.IMG_6198.jpgIMG_6199.jpgIMG_6200.jpg