shira brie: a star wars tale ( complete version)

Oct 11, 2017
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Location's Tatooine
an old clone wars model y-wing, still bearing the markings of the old republic on its thrusters,dropped of hyperspace.
up ahead,the sandy brown sphere of tatooine filled the viewport as it's pilot deftly guided the old ship starboard on a decent course toward the planet.
the old ship had seen better days, but for this assignment it served her purpose well enough.
keeping a low profile was the most preferable course anyway.

the battered y-wing gently settled into the dusty docking bay at Bestine spaceport.
popping the hatch, a slender woman in an orange flight suit hopped lightly to the ground.
Shira Brie removed her helmet and flipped her red hair over her shoulder as she tossed the helmet into the fighter.
slipping out of the flight suit, she wadded it up and threw it in the seat of the worn fighter.
up in the droid socket a green and white astromech beeped at her.
"stay here R4. I wont be long."
besides you never knew when a hasty departure might be necessary,she thought.
r4-m9 beeped an ackowledgement.

her pale grey-green eyes roamed casually about the docking bay taking note of the six imperial stormtroopers standing watch,two at each entrance.
she felt their eyes watching her through the soulless black lenses of their helmets.
lifting her chin high, she swaggered right past them.
she had gone maybe three feet past them when the two she had just passed turned around.
"you there."
one of them said sternly in that filtered voice they all had.
she turned around and widened her green eyes innocently.
"yes you."
the first trooper said as they closed in.
"how long have you had that ship?"
"huh? oh that. im a a bit of a collector."
she gave them a stunning smile.
"can't pass up a good deal on used starfighters I say. I just use it to haul scrap."
she said, thinking quickly.
"you know, I just pile it in the back seat. if you know where to look you can find some good-"
the stormtrooper just waved her on.
"go on."
he said,sounding annoyed.
inwardly Shira breathed a sigh of relief.
"have a lovely day!"
she said cheerfully wiggling her fingers at them as she waved.

stepping outside after the relative coolness of the hanger reminded Shira that she had rather be anywhere than this overcooked dirtball.
she stopped by a local cantina hoping for a cool drink or maybe even some action.
as she entered she paused and closed her eyes before stepping inside.
it was an old trick to make sure she could see when she entered the dark building.
no doubt the cantina was purposely designed this way so any customers that didnt wish to be seen could make a quick exit.
she opened her eyes and stepped inside.
the air was thick with smoke of various kinds and the smells of a dozen different species of alien mixed with various other things she couldn't identify.
she passed a large, bearded man smoking a cigarra of carrababa tabbac and armudu spice who looked at her half suspiciously and half like he just liked what he saw.
a Dresselian with an eyepatch was seated at the bar paying her no mind aside from a casual glance her way as she entered the cantina.
across the room, a blue skinned Twi'lek was singing a half decent cover of "lapti nek" though it wasn't quite as good as hearing the real thing by sy snootles and the Max Rebo band.
behind the Twi'lek, a couple of scantilly clad bothan females were dancing back up.
Shira stopped near the band and began to dance suggestively, eliciting a few whistles from some of the more unsavory types in the cantina and a glare from the twi'lek and one of the Bothan dancers.
through the force she sensed a seething jealousy at being upstaged coming from them all.
"it's all in the hips, fuzzball," Shira said loud enough to make sure they heard her.
"so do it right."
giving the seething bothan a roguish grin,she strode casually over to the bar and spoke to the bartender,an aged old devaronian.
he gave her his straight toothed pleasant smile.
"what will it be?"
Shira slid onto the stool with ease.
"a flameout."
he gave her a surprised look as he poured the drink.
"think you can handle it?"
she smiled flirtatiously.
"I believe I can."
he sat the drink on the worn and scuffed bar in front of her.
Shira snatched up the drink and gulped it down in one swallow.
and showed no visible effects of being in pain as he predicted she would.
"I'll have another."
she said, smiling pleasantly.
the bartender shrugged and poured another one for her.
and again one gulp.
"alright I'll have an elba beer." she told him.
this time she sipped slowly not wanting to order anything else.
during her academy days with her friend Myrette Davani she had gone barhopping quite often and had discovered that she had quite the constitution for drinking.

thanking the barkeep, she sauntered over to a table in the back with her drink and sat down.
she shook her head and made a "wheh" sound as she felt the freezing fire of the flameout
continuing to burn her throat.
for a while she sipped her drink in silence and scanned the crowd while wondering what Myrette was up to now.
across the room, the song ended and the band began packing up,all the while shooting venomous glances toward her.
Shira sipped her beer and wiggled her fingers in a wave at them.
one of the Bothans started toward the table but the twi'lek grabbed her by the arm and shook her head saying something and pointing at the wall behind them, indicating outside.

just then there was a commotion at the bar.
a drunken aqualish was bellowing in his own language at the Dressellian.
a Kubaz was also squawking something at him in his own language.
the Dressellian stood up and drained his drink.
"I was just leaving."
the Aqualish burbled something and threw a punch.
the Dressellian blocked it with his wrist and threw a hard punch that struck him in the face, knocking him sprawling to the ground.
the Kubaz pulled a blaster but the Dressellian drew like lightning and blasted him before he could finish his draw.
the Kubaz crumpled to the floor and lay still.
"put the damned blaster away, you pruneface freak!"
the barkeep bellowed as the Aqualish crawled away, seemingly deciding that whatever he was angry about clearly wasn't worth it.
"I've told you a thousand times NO BLASTERS in here!"
"apologies for the disturbance. I'll be going now."
the Dressellian tossed a coin on the bar and left.

Shira Brie had watched the entire confrontation with mild interest.
after finishing her beer, she relieved herself in the ladies room before departing.
as she stepped into the blinding sunlight she once again had to wait for her eyes to adjust.
as she did so, she used the force to survey her surroundings.
well someone was unhappy.
she sensed a dark cloud of seething anger and jealousy that might nearly rival the darkness
of Darth Vader himself just around the corner.
alright,she decided.
acting if nothing was amiss, Shira jauntily whistled "lapti nek" as she walked down the street.
as she turned the corner she found herself face to face with the twi'lek singer from the cantina.
she leveled a blaster at Shira.
behind Shira, from the left and the right, the two bothans closed in, surrounding her.
one had a blaster, the other had a vibro blade.
"you!" the twi'lek snarled.
"you think you can just waltz in here and show us up?!"
"pretty much."
Shira said flatly,unimpressed.
the twi'lek was trembling with rage.
"I worked hard for this gig and no stinking human is going to show me up!"
Shira smirked.
"I just did sweetie. now run along and-"
the bothan with the vibro blade lunged for her.
propelled by the force, Shira's blaster lept from her sleeve holster and into her hand.
she fired, taking down the other Bothan with headshot.
at the same instant, she kicked out straight behind her, balancing gracefully on her left leg as the other boot slammed into the vibro blade in such a way the Bothan caught herself in the throat with it.
even as the bothan screamed and gurgled clutching her throat, Shira aimed her blaster at the twi'lek.
before the twi'lek could fire Shira squeezed the trigger.
the blaster bolt burned through the twi'lek's breast and into her heart as she wilted to the ground with a soft groan as her last breath softly wheezed out of her seared lungs.
Shira turned back to the other bothan, still writhing on the ground and clutching her throat, and put a shot into her head, finishing her off.
Shira sighed and blew off her blaster as she quickly slipped it back into her sleeve holster once more.
"stang locals." she muttered.

a few stormtroopers had taken notice of the incident so she decided it was best to get going.
things were complicated enough already with out having to explain a few dead bodies.
Shira quickly made her way back to the docking bay slipping past the bored stormtroopers and vaulting up and quickly opening the hatch.
"r4 get us ready to go."
she said as she slipped into her flightsuit.
"the sooner I'm off of this dustball the better."
she was just zipping up her flight suit when a group of stormtroopers approached her.
"you there."
Shira hopped down disgustedly but didn't let it show.
"the governor would like to see you."
well it couldn't be about the bodies she decided, or they would have started shooting and trying to arrest her already.
Shira nodded politely.
best to get it over with.
"of course. lead the way."

Bestine was much like mos eisley or mos espa though perhaps a bit cleaner.
well as clean as it could be when the entire planet was a big dustball.
Shira walked through the dusty streets without event,passing rodians, ithorians,jawas and countless other aliens.
it was mid-day now and she could feel the heat of the twin suns beating down on her.
she was wearing a thin sleevless white shirt and a dark blue flight jacket like smugglers commonly wore,with lowcut black pants and spacer boots,
but she could already feel herself starting to sweat under the jacket.
after a casual walk through town, she approached a small stone building much like all the rest of the small town and entered it.
the receptionist was a rather bored looking woman who put down whatever she had been reading and straightened up as she entered.
Shira Brie smiled.
"Elan Colla to see governor Aryon."
"do you have appointment?"
Shira's smile never wavered.
"no. but you're going to let me in anyway."
even as her objection formed, the receptionist stumbled on her words trying to recall what
she had been about to say.
"...yes of course. please go in."
through the force,Shira sensed others in the office besides the governor herself.
as she approached the door, she stretched out with the force and listened to what they were saying.
"-and orders are orders,Major. I don't know why he wants it done, but you are to report to the facility immediately and take over as warden.
now quit wasting my time,I'm a busy woman."
Shira opened the door and entered Aryon's office.
a tall, large nosed, raven haired woman in a grey imperial uniform was scowling at the seated governor.
she glanced at Shira, cold green eyes seeming to study her and learn everything there was to know about her in a single glance.
Shira nodded politely.
"Major Voque."
Chelstis Voque's face became even more sour than usual, if that was possible.
most everyone in the empire knew or had heard of the "Ice Queen"
you'd never meet a colder person in all the empire than Voque
unless it were Ysanne Isard,Darth Vader or the Emperor himself.
Voque turned her full attention back to the governor.
she stood tall and straight with her black leather gloved hands clasped behind her back.
she spoke with a low, throaty somewhat nasal voice.
"very well. I shall put forth my full dedication to my new duties.
if the emperor wills it, it shall be done."
turning smartly on her heel,Voque roughly brushed past Shira without a word.
though she paused at the door and looked back.
"how did you know my name?"
she asked slowly.
Shira humored her with a coy smile.
"oh word gets around."
Voque stared at her as if trying to decide whether or not she was worth her time.
they had never met before today and Voque clearly had no more idea of her imperial connections
than the stormtroopers that had accosted her at the hanger had had.
Voque crossed her arms,under her large breasts and stared at her,eyes narrowed.
"I've not seen you around here before." she said slowly.
Shira shrugged.
"it's a big Empire."
"you're not a part of the emperor's military garrison here or on any other planet. I would KNOW."
Shira smiled wider.
"make a habit of memorizing rosters do we?"
Voque's frown deepened even further and her eyes hardened.
"as a matter of fact I DO." she said icily.
"sad life."
"you disrespectful little TOAD!"
Voque seethed, pointing her finger at Shira's face.
"perhaps I should arrest you and SHOW you how I PREFER to spend my time."
Shira casually pushed Voque's finger aside with her first two fingers.
"watch where you point that thing."
that was clearly too much for Voque.
Shira knew enough about the woman to know that Chelstis Voque hated it when someone she was flippant
toward was flippant back with her.

before Voque could speak again the governor intervened.
"ladies, unless you have buisiness to conduct..." the governor prompted.
"I'm done here." Voque said crisply. she adjusted her officers cap and shoved Shira aside as she left.
that was typical of Voque when she felt someone was beneath her.
everyone she outranked was beneath her.
governor Aryon waved Shira to sit down.
"I'm a busy woman and you just wasted a lot of my time."
she said distractedly as she fussed with a data pad reader.
"I was instructed to come here and see you."
"oh not ME. you're here to see HIM." Aryon waved toward a back room.
Shira narrowed her eyes.
then she sensed a familiar presence in the force.
without a word she rose and walked to the back room and entered the door there.
at once the door slid shut and locked itself.
the silence was broken by the familiar hiss of mechanized breathing.
she dropped to one knee, her breath quickening slightly as Darth Vader stepped from the shadows.
if Darth Vader had gone to all the trouble of meeting her in person on a hellhole like Tatooine than
it must be important.
"what is thy bidding my master?" she asked reverently.
"Shira Brie," vader rumbled.
"I have found the rebel that destroyed the Deathstar. his name is Luke skywalker.
I want you to infiltrate the rebel alliance and kill him. if that proves too difficult for you, ruin him.
if skywalker is ostracized from the rebellion, it will be easier to capture him and bring him to the emperor."
Shira Brie bowed her head.
"skywalker is as good as dead, my master."
Mar 3, 2011
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Halesowen, UK
Interesting read, it definitely feels like the Star Wars universe. I don't know much about Shira Brie, Marvel Comics character I think? but she got an action figure. I do have one question though, what was she doing on the planet in the first place?
Oct 11, 2017
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Location's Tatooine
plot hole i guess.
originally it was because she was to meet darth vader there secretly. but because i couldnt find a way to drag the story out anymore i just moved the beginning to the end and rewrote the dialogue.
originally this was going to be a subplot to a cold day on hoth.
the original idea was that after the intro with the sisters, wed cut here then vader wwould send shira after them and they would be evading her as she searched for them.
but it didnt mesh well without disrupting the flow of acdoh so i scrapped it and made it its own thing.
then when i couldnt add anymore i just decided to make it more like a lost chapter of tales from the mos eisley cantina.

shira brie was indeed a comics character that later became lumiya a sith aprentice of vaders.
this is a lead in prequel to her appearence in the comics. i love her character but again i couldnt figure out much to do with her since theres a tight timeline to follow before she infiltrates the rebellion.pruneface might have gotten his own story(prune face: a star wars story! when the face is a prune the action goes boom!) but it ended up becoming a cameo here.
one thing i have always felt is that when im not writing my own characters i feel limited with what i can do with them. i dont know how all those writers in the eu did it without tromping all over each other.
im glad you liked it though. :)
weird side note: i wrote all these before i ever saw solo or the last jedi (well tlj on dvd the 2nd time)
but ever since ive seen solo that imperial woman at the door controls (the one they bribe with the coaxium) keeps reminding me of voque now.
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Jun 8, 2011
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thanks ito glad you (i assume) liked it :D
Yeap, and the same question formed in my head....why she was there? What was the original mission? Maybe mentioning something like “well, some one just made my mission easier” when the shooting occurs, answer that question.
Oct 11, 2017
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Location's Tatooine
ill try to revisit it later and figure something out. like i was saying before i moved the opening to the end and i just didnt take into account that that that also kind of threw it off.
actually she was there to meet vader but i think the way it all got shuffled around that it got lost in translation. sometimes im so focused on keeping the story straight that i miss little details like this.
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