Ship Checklists

Jan 30, 2002
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I was scouring the 'Scum archives and ebay and found
out there are some later sets that 'Scum doesnt have
on the checklist. I was wondering if anyone has a
complete list of Micro machine stuff namely the mini
vehicles and the Die Cast. I found some ships on ebay
not on the checklist like a mini vehicle 3 pack with a
Death Star 1 and Trooplander and a Die cast bomber and
Executer. I'm trying to get a complete list of
vehicles together (just Imperial/bounty hunter).

Also anyone with the Micro playsets do you know what
Imperial vehicles are with what and if they are
different than the 3 pack ones. I know some are
different like the slave one in the Vader head and the
3 pack have very diferent paint jobs. the shuttle with
the Royal guard head has folding wings, the troop
lander with the Jabba head also has folding wings.
Aside from those 3 I think the Imperial ships were the
same. One I want to know is if the Rebel Pilot head
that has a AT-AT mini is the same as the 3 pack, I
can't tell from the pics. anyone know of any other
galoob sites with good reference pics?
Nov 24, 2001
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Hi Dan

There is a different speeder bike in the Endor playset - the trooper is able to move sideways on the bike.

The AT-AT in the pilot head is different - it's legs are tied together with rope (courtesy of a snowspeeder).

There is also a difference in size in playset AT-ST's.

Got a few pics on my site - click HERE and go to the STAR WARS section.