Shadow thrown from the Lucas family...

Sep 16, 2011
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Well this is rather interesting. Nice to see you all, whether you agree or disagree, if still here. Hope all are well. Noticed a sort of slouch around here - least in these categories I mean. Just not really much to discuss that hasn't been already ATM. But came across this today, was of course the video has a CLEAR AND OVERT bias to one side. If you disagree with her comments and the content the video said, totally cool. But can't deny she said it. I think the video maker comes off a little...too...ah...bitter and aggressive myself, but I don't disagree with his over-all point so much as his full on attack mode "we won" attitude. It's still just opinion, no need to be so...militant IMO...but I do think SHE has solid points and he (the video creator) has some too. I also get this is George's ex wife, so "family" to some, but still...I did think it says something considering what SHE did for OT SW. I also disagree with the video on one thing though - I do think Gary Kurtz helped save the original trilogy scripts as much if not even more than she did. But that's debatable. Point is - they both highly influenced HOW good it BECAME rather than those earlier drafts were.

One point of contention ON points I have is how we don't know how Rey got those powers, but others saying we don't know how Luke or other Jedi from the OT or PT did either. I think there's a massive miscommunication there. And that is in TRAINING to be SKILLED in those abilities, which we did see in the OT and (more offscreen mostly but is there just not directly with many main roles) in the PT. It's not really with Rey. She was just good at it. Period. From day one. We only see a true, legit, training of her in TROS. She was ALREADY epic BEFORE that and I think it's clear to see Luke didn't REALLY trailer her at All IN TLJ. A good example would be mutants in X-Men. Some are just born mutants, just like some are just born with the force connection in SW. But can you imagine the reaction if you found out, say, Kitty was as powerful as Phoenix? Even though Jean trained for ages in early years then became a God AFTER only being possessed by a space God? But nah, Kitty is just as powerful because she's ALSO born as a mutant and doesn't need to train. Imagine if they wrote that. How ticked off folks would be when she just up and kills Phoenix without even training cause, hey, "Maybe I'm born with it." Maybelline! =P

Nah. Not how it works. Or well, IF it does, man that's NOT satisfying or really writing at ALL.

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May 9, 2005
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I haven't watch that video, nor do I tend to watch much of those types simply because I don't want to be inundated with even more junk on my feed. So I cannot speak to the content, but I do wonder sometime what would have happened to Anakin had Qui-Gon not found him when he did?
I mean that's basically how I think we're supposed to perceive Rey, someone who wasn't found at a young age and has somehow managed to self train using her own life experiences. Was she too "perfect"? Possibly, but we'll never truly know because we didn't see how a life outside the Jedi Order could have affected Anakin. He too could have grown into his abilities the same way Rey had to with no guidance, it would certainly make for a very different and unique take on a Force user.

I think the Jedi aren't here to teach how to use their power so much as they're here to say what you can and can't do in the name/will of the Force, such as walking the darkside path if you're a Jedi as it's seen as evil by them. I feel that if the Force is truly all that and has a will, then wouldn't it also cut you off when misusing it? I mean if a Jedi/Luke can cut themselves off from the Force then surely it has the same will to do the same? I even recall reading a book years ago about how a character was indeed cut off, though don't ask me who or why as it's very vague.

My point it I think there's potential for a Force user to totally grow up without exterior guidance and still become something more simply by listening to the will of the Force, as per Qui-Gon. TBH I feel both the Jedi and Sith have too many faults to be true teachers of the Force. Though I do feel someone would need some guidance in understanding how to listen or know they're different from a non Force user. Unless the Force itself would allow all the knowledge from past users to be relayed to a person open to it, possibly from a pervious users conscious such as Kanan or ??
After all no one is born with the knowledge the need in life and we all must be thought it somehow usually by books, so if there were way for the Force to be leaned the same way then a person wouldn't need a teacher per say?

Plenty of people self teach themselves several subjects in our own society. The issue with Rey is that she had none of that, but is did seem to she hints that she understood she was different but couldn't quite put her finger on it. Although you'd have thought as gifted as Anakin seemed at 9 he could have grown up into a powerful Force user on his own, though likely went all darkside much sooner based on his circumstances. So you'd have thought that Rey would have also had moments in her youth that would have pointed to a specialty other than just being good at crafting and piloting etc. IDK, do you need to be taught agility? I think it does come naturally. I do think some people exaggerate Rey's over giftedness a tad but I do see their point, but that likely just come down to writing and the overall sentiment that they seemed to be trying too hard to kill the past but at the same time trying to use it to get butts in seats. In TFA I was genuinely curious about Rey, and was looking forward to her continuing adventures, but by the time ROS came out I was literally done and hope I never see her again. At some point I felt I'd rather see Fin's story play out but then they had to screw that up too.