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Aug 9, 2005
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Several items for sale. Shipping is not included. I can ship items loose if you want to save on shipping. These are all from smoke/pet free home. All are sealed/carded and in great condition, unless noted below. I can provide pics upon request, just provide your email. USA only.

Amazon Complete Droid Factory Set $40
Saga Chewbacca $6
Saga Luke Hoth pilot $6
Saga Han Hoth outfit$6
VC Wedge Antilles $10
VC Imperial Navy Commander $10
VC Colonel Cracken $10
VC Bom Vindim (shelfware) $6
VC R2 D2 Jabba's Barge $15
VC Hoth Han ESB (in clamshell) $10
VC Hoth Luke ESB (n starcase) $10
VC Yoda ESB (in clamshell) $15
VC Stormtrooper ROTJ (in clamshell) $10
VC Snowtrooper ESB (inclamshell) $10
VC Kithaba ROTJ $10
VC Logray (in starcase) $10 PENDING
VC Ackbar (shelf wear) $6 PENDING
VC Dr. Evazan $10
VC Droid Set $10 PENDING
VC Android Set $20 PENDING
VC Imperial Set $20 PENDING
VC Hoth Rebel set $20 PENDING
VC Slave I $65
VC AT ST Walker $40
Black Series Yoda #22 $10
Black Series Wedge Hoth pilot #29 $10
Black series Stormtrooper $10
OTC Luke Dagobah fatigues $6
OTC IG 88 $6
Target Han & Luke Tauntaun set $60 PENDING


VC Gamorrean Guard ROTJ (in star case) SOLD
VC Darth Vader ESB (inclamshell) SOLD
VC Darth Vader ANH (in starcase) SOLD
VC Bossk (in clamshell) SOLD
VC Wicket (in starcase) SOLD
VC Boba Fett ROTJ (in clamshell) SOLD
VC Luke (lightsaber contruction, in starcase) SOLD*
VC Luke Skywaler Jedi knight (in starcase) SOLD
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