several 12in figures selling cheap



hello i am selling off the rest of my 12 in star wars figure collection. I need the money to catch up on bills due to my wife being out of work for three months. they are as follows.
Leia organa 12.00
Luke Tatooine 12.00
Obe Wan in brown robe w/dark blue back round
snowtrooper 10.00
Qui gon 10.00
walrus man 10.00
figrin dan 12.00
han solo in flight jacket 12.00
greedo 10.00
sandtrooper diamond exclusive 18.00
Darth Maul 10.00
Han in Carbonite 18.00
all of these are in very good shape in box and complete. I have pic if you want to see them jus email me at
I also have a Darth Maul hasbro lightsaber.
with batteries it is in good shape out of box.
I want 10.00 for it. I also have a Darth Maul sith probe droidgame out of box for sale and it is all complete. I want 10.00 for it as well. thanks


WANT WANT WANT, you sure WANT alot,
well, I WANT the snowtrooper, please email me

"THIS one goes there.....THAT one goes THERE!"