FS Senate Pods lot of 15! PRICE DROP

Oct 9, 2006
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Wellington, New Zealand
EDIT: SOLD. Thanks for looking. :)

Anyone out there looking to build a Senate diorama? I have 15 senate pods from the 2006 battlepack for sale. Some were purchased at retail while others I managed to snag through a friend at Hasbro. As such a few are unpainted samples (see the photograph), or are fully painted but lack the Aurebesh decal on their monitors. It wouldn't take much to complete them, which was always something I had planned to do, but just never quite got there.

Each measures about 13cm across. They are unplayed with and come from a smoke free home where they have been stored out of direct sunlight in a well ventilated box, so there is no plastic discoloration.

I would ask US$60 for all 15.

Shipping options are US$20 for an untracked service (estimated time to delivery: 6 - 10 working days), or tracked courier with signature required for delivery at US$40 (estimated delivery 3 - 6 working days). The box will be shipping from New Zealand, where I am based.

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