selling star wars need to raise money

May 11, 2004
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hey all i'm selling off a bunch of my star wars stuff to help raise money for my friends funeral to help out his wife and daughter. these will be sold as a set i will not break these up. since no one has responded to my asking price then i'm open to reasonable friends wife and daughter need the money soon.... these are all carded and boxed in c8-c9 condition.....thak you robert a.k.a. doom death

gold carded saga

luke skywalker tattoine encounter/hologram/jabbas place/throne room(error verson glove on wrong hand)

han solo flight to aldreann/hoth(brown)

r2-d2 tattonine mission/jabbas place

darth vader throne room/ death star clash

leia imperial captive
c 3po tattoine mission
storm trooper death star chase
tie figher pilot
capt. antillies
jan doddona
dutch vander
snow trooper
boba fett
lando calrission skiff
tanus spijek
imperial dignatery 1
imperial dignatery 2
darth maul theed hanger
obi wan courrsent chase
anakin skywalker hanger duel( no black paint on leather jerkin)
barris offie
jango fett
danni faytoni
wa 7
mqquire concept stormtrooper
admral ozzel
colman trebor
secreat ceramony padme
alya secura
lando general
han solo at st outfit
general madine
hoth trooper
hoth luke
wampa deluxe figure

clone wars reg series

kit fisto
sae tinn
super artuclated clone trooper
a.r.c. trooper red verson

potf2 12

walmart exclusive cantina band member (tedn) boxed 12"

tie fighter pilot big box 12" with flap gold collecter series

at at driver big box 12" with flap gold collecter series

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