Selling my POTF2 Collection a complete list

Dec 23, 2005
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Sorry about posting this same post fifty times and not having any information about how much the item is and what figures I have. I have found the time to post my collection of figures. So I will first off be selling my POTF2 collection. I will have the prices and list the list of figures playsets etc. below. I am also able to send pics just PM me your email address.

Thank You,
Loose Figures C-8 condition
Luke( 3-pack) $4
Uncle Owen(3-pack)$4
Momaw Nadon $4
Hoth Rebel Soldier $4
Wicket and Logray( missing staff) w/slide $5
Leia Slave $5
Max Rebo$5
Rodian Band Player(missing instrument) $2
Sy Snootles $4
Yuzzum $3
Luke Dagobah$15
Hoth Han Solo$6
Death Star Trooper $15
Boba Fett(Full Circle) $18
R5-D4 $5
Greedo $5
Emperor $5
Garidian $4
Luke Stormtrooper $6
Lando Skiff $4
Yak Face $3
Darth Vader $4
Lando Bespin $4
Han Solo Endor $4
Ugnaughts $4
Leia Hoth $4
4-LOM $4
Endor Rebel Soldier $4


Detention Block Rescue C-8 w/box $13
Hoth Battle(loose) $4
Jabba's Palace 3-D Diorama C-8 w/box $9

Outrider(loose) C-7 condition $10
Tatooine Skiff(loose) w/ Luke C-8 Condition $15 SOLD OUT
Y- Wing Fighter(loose) C-8 w/ pilot $30
B- Wing Fighter(loose) C-8 w/pilot $30 SOLD OUT!!!!


Rancor(loose)C-8 w/Luke $20