Selling my Master Replicas collectibles

Aug 23, 2005
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Star Wars collectors in Chicago: I want to sell my collection of Master Replicas SW collectibles. Below is the list of items I own and are selling at the price based from toy (Auction Tracking and Collection Management for Film and Comic Memorabilia). If you are interested, please contact me by either responding to this thread or my email (

Lightsabers (Non-Signature Editions):
Mace Windu AOTC ($500)
Darth Sidious ROTS ($510)
Luke Skywalker ESB ($405)
Luke Skywalker ROTJ ($540)

Studio Scale Prop:
AT-AT Walker ($1,915)

Darth Vader ROTS ($935)

I also have an ICONS Darth Vader Lightsaber ANH ($500). All items are in GREAT condition since they have almost NEVER have been touched or taken out of their original packaging.