Selling: A Ton of Figures

Jun 29, 2005
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Okay My Figures For Sale
Mostly The Power of the Force and Episode I Figures. Some still in the package and other open.

Interested drop a PM or Post Here.

The Pictures were quite large and I couldn't load them without losing some quality. The Pictures should still allow you to see what I have to sell. If requested a clear version of the pictures can be sent to your email.

1st Batch: $8 Each Figure.

2nd Batch: $6 Each Figure.

3rd batch: $3.50 Each Figure.

Shipping Information
All figure will be shipped USPS Priotry Mail With Delivery Confirmation. I will be using the flat rate boxes $8.10 + .50 (Confirmation) by deflaut. This means whatever can placed (safely) in the box will be. If you are ordering just a couple of figures or the number is more what the flat rate can hold then it priorty by weight.