WTB Select POTF Coins/Figures or Yak Face or Blue Snaggletooth

Mar 25, 2002
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Anna, TX
Working to complete my loose/complete vintage set, I'm looking to buy ONE of the following loose figures (not interested in AFA graded)...
  • Luke Stormtrooper (with helmet; blaster optional; prefer limbs with no to minimal yellowing)
  • Warok (prefer complete; no to minimal yellowing of torso (front and back))
  • R2-D2 with Pop-up Lightsaber (complete; no peeling or scratches on dome; minimal yellowing and sleeve deterioration)
  • Blue Snaggletooth (blaster optional; minimal paint loss)
  • Yak Face (minimal paint loss; no to minimal torso darkening)
I know the condition details above are a bit picky... I'm mainly looking for NM+ to stay consistent with all other figures in my collection.

Also looking for the following POTF coins (not interested in AFA graded)...
  • A-Wing Pilot
  • Amanaman
  • Luke Stormtrooper
  • Paploo
  • R2-D2 with Pop-up Lightsaber
I have two figures I'd be willing to trade as part of a deal for any of the above figures - Luke Jedi with blue lightsaber and dark green Yoda with brown snake and Pac-Man eyes. Both are complete, all original, and in NM+ condition.
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