Sea mine Fireplace

Dec 30, 2010
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This is a replica of a sea mine to be a fireplace I made for a mate Marcel. Was a lot of work but came out great.

Me cutting the first flange.

My daughter Brianna inspecting the flange to see if it meets Marcels high standards.

Making the spigots

Base plate welded to bottom pipe. I drew this in cad and was laser cut as to much work doing them by hand.

Making the air vents. I drew these up in cad as well and had them laser cut

I found these brass handles but I had to age them later.

Welded the 2 spheres together and the front flange.

Getting closer. I have bolted marcels porthole to the front flange to see how it looks and tacked on the spigots and vents .

Making and gathering parts.

Almost done.

Base pipe was to long.

I had to finish this today and Brianna doing her quality control for Marcel got me with a bad weld.
Marcel must be paying her to much as I couldn't even bribe her with a chocolate bar.

So grind that bit off and re weld and got the thumbs up.

OK finished and very happy how it turned out. Now for Marcel to take it home and see if he can get a fire started in there.

Pics from Marcel after he has had a fire in it for a while. Changed the colour of the steel nicely. This is in his house.

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Nov 7, 2011
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This is great. When I saw the new topics on the main page and read 'Sea mine fireplace' I thought what the hell it must be a mistake. Man, that's really cool it looks fantastic! Great work my friend.

P.s. from one engineer to another, that's some sweet welding!
Aug 7, 2001
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It is not the first time Photubucket screwed their members. Long ago I was a paying Photobucket member, and still they deleted 90% of my photos, and I was not alone in this, it happened to a lot of people, including RPF and Prop Den members. I will not pay them a dime anymore.