SDCC 2023 - Hallmark Booth Tour


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Aug 21, 2021
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It's Christmas in July, Rebelscum! Check out Nick's tour of the Hallmark booth from San Diego Comic-Con! Some cool Star Wars and Indiana Jones ornaments and other merchandise will be heading our way this holiday season!

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What do you think about that Carbon Freezing Chamber ornament, Rebelscum?
What's your favorite Hallmark Star Wars ornament in your collection right now?
Let us know below!

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This was a great year for Hallmark ornaments, or should I say a terrible year for someone like me who is trying to cut back on them but saw soooo many I had to have! Had to have the barge and two of the little skiffs to accompany it. Also got the talking Jabba, leia/wicket, mando with grogu, and probably some others like the 89 Batman and a Christmas Story ornament with ralphie and the BB gun.

But that Carbon Freeze Chamber! Holy cow that thing is amazing! The first time I saw it in action I was like holy crap I have to get that!! The clear dialogue, the changing lights, the moment Han lowers down and gets "frozen!" Only two things could have made this ornament of the century. One, if there was a way it would shoot out a little puff of smoke when he gets "frozen!" Even though this ability exists for model trains and stuff it would still probably be a bit impractical, but still super cool! But the one thing that they should have absolutely done, and there's no reason to not have, is at the very least also include Boba Fett. You can hear him talking, but he's not there! Also, throw in a couple stormtroopers and why not Lando and maybe Lobot? I don't think those teeny figures would have added that much to the cost. But Boba most definitely should have been included.