SDCC 2018 Attendee Exclusives Buddy System Thread

Jul 11, 2006
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With the new Lottery system for gaining booth access to Hasbro and LEGO, and Funko (and UCC Distributing, for whatever reason) to buy their exclusives this year, there are bound to be lots of folks who finally do get in who might not have. But I suspect there are probably also plenty of legitimate die-hard Star Wars collectors who aren't scalpers who will be prevented from even getting a chance to buy the Star Wars items, even though they're at the con. I know one for sure: me.

I'm wondering if it's worth trying to match people up here on the good, old-fashioned messages boards, in case there are any forum members attending SDCC 2018 who did get matched in the lottery to the relevant booths who might be able and willing to buy for others who did not get in, or got into other things and can exchange buys to help everyone get more of a chance at the items they're seeking, before having to resort to ebay (which is even more humiliating than ever, after going to the con and being frozen out, despite all best efforts).

I suspect this new system will cut a certain kind of hardcore scalping. But it will result in a lot more people left unable to buy because they couldn't make the extra effort to succeed. And lots of otherwise normal people who don't scalp will likely become low-level scalpers once they win a coveted spot and can't resist buying the hot items they don't care about to flip on ebay themselves for a change.

So, if anyone is still on here enough for this to work, I'll start.

I'm SEEKING: Hasbro's Aphra set, the Forces of Destiny Chewie w/Porgs, the LEGO Solo set. For extra credit, I was hoping to help a friend get the Magic The Gathering set from Hasbro, if anyone is willing to help with that.

I CAN BUY: Any of the stuff available at UCC Distributing, since all I got in the lottery was a slot to buy from there, which I signed up for for the heck of it, without really wanting anything from there myself (another problem with the lottery system). And I guess, if it's a help, I can also offer to buy stuff from any other booth that people have trouble getting to themselves.

I'll be at the con each day and can meet up whenever is convenient to supply cash and deliver items. Whatever it takes. Perhaps message boards can still save the day in 2018. I know social media sure can't.
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