QUESTION Scales and hobby boxes

Dec 17, 2013
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So I just got 2 of the crappiest of crap from 2 different boxes. No one is that unlucky. Maybe. Lol

I got a 2020 topps 8x10 with trading card and pulled a stupid fallen order video game 8x10 with Finn as my card.

Women of star wars hobby box with dupes and a no name not even worth 10 dollars officer signed card.

Needless to say, my almost 300 for both boxes turned into about 50 if I'm lucky. Not doing that again. Most 8x10 topps average 50 to 75 on the low side for lesser sought after pieces and of course can go really high. Being collector, I really didn't care and thought it would be a fun chance to take but I had no idea video games would count as talent . I would have been completely fine with a back ground characters or animated like rebels or clone wars.

My question is ,will sellers have info that can be confirmed or make educated guesses by using a scale. ? I do know a lot of dealers use scales to judge mystery boxes. They even have a weight guide table for each piece they share with each other. I was given the weights for the lord of the rings mystery boxes and used that info in stores only so I didn't keep buying the same ones, but I would never use it to resell something that I knew was nothing.

Or was my luck really that bad.