Sale list, inc Target Y-wing & FF Garindan.

Jul 9, 2000
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Sale list, inc Target Y-wing & FF Garindan.

POTF2 Y-wing in box. $65
MOC Mara Jade. $16
MOC Freeze Frame Garindan. $20
MIB Death Star Escape Cinema Scene. $20
Loose vintage X-wing. $10
Vintage Bespin Luke with sabre and blaster. $8
Vintage Darth Vader's TIE fighter with box. $35

Also the following:

G1 Dinobots Swoop, Snarl, Slag and Sludge. General chrome wear and wear and tear on all, sticker wear, and some loose joints. Includes some accessories like weapons, booklets, and tech specs. One of Snarl's tail pieces has come off, and Swoop's head is loose as one of the clips holding it has broken.

G1 Jetfire, for parts. Yellowed, no accessories, and with one of the head antenna broken off. $20.